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Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Telltale and AdHoc Studio continue Bigby Wolf's adventures in Fabletown.

Open World Turn-Based RPG. Ichiban Kasuga and Kiryu Kazuma are dual protagonists.  

Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Telltale and Deck Nine make a series based on The Expanse.
Open World Action RPG. Sidestory that shows what happens to Kiryu between Yakuza 6 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon.

Remade Open World Action RPG. In the 1860s, Samurai Sakamoto Ryōma stands up for the people of Tosa, Japan.

Open World Action-Adventure RPG. The Lost Judgment DLC has a new story starring Kaito.
Battle Royale Fighting Game. Characters from Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, and HBO fight against each other.
Choices-and-Consequences Game. Gearbox Studio showcases more adventures in the borderlands.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Guybrush attempts to finally find the secret of Monkey Island once and for all.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A space-themed comedy game by the Two Guys From Andromeda, the Space Quest creators.
Point-and-Click Adventure. An adaptation of the Steamed Hams meme where Skinner has the superintendent over for dinner.
Compilation of Beat 'em up and Platform Games. Includes eleven Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games.

Open World Action-Adventure RPG. Takayuki Yagami investigates a school and discovers a conspiracy involving bullies.
Platform Game. Raz finally realizes his dream of visiting Psychonauts headquarters but learns it is not exactly as he expected.
Whack-a-Mole Game: In this remake of the 1980 Game & Watch game, Link has to whack the octoroks with his hammers.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. Homestar Runner roams around Free Country USA to find his hidden friends and acquaintances.
Virtual Reality Point-and-Click Adventure. A new recruit for the Freelance Police helps Sam & Max in virtual reality.
Endless Brawling Game. A mashup of Like a Dragon and Streets of Rage. Kiryu, Majima, and Ichiban Kasuga fight in Kamurocho.
Remastered Fighting Game. People from across the world join a tournament to decide who is the best fighter.

Direct-Controlled Adventure. Revolution's sequel to their cult hit 90s adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky.
Action Sports Game. First official English release. Kunio-kun and other athletes compete in multiple events.
Juggling Game: Mario juggles in this remake of the 1980 Game & Watch game. With a code, Luigi Juggles.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Larry is stuck in Cancun and is forced to marry the chief's daughter. He escapes and searches for his true love.
Episodic Point and Click Adventure. A captive in a hospital in a ravaged Buenos Aires learns that years have passed since his last memory.
Remastered Open World Action-Adventure. Spider-Man has to save New York City from the Sinister Six.
Endless Beat 'em Up. Yakuza/Streets of Rage mashup where Kiryu, Majima, and Ichiban Kasuga endlessly fight in Kamurocho.
Compilation of Platform Games. Emulated ports of the first three 3D Super Mario home console games.
Free Platform Battle Royale Game. Only Playable on a Fan Server. Thirty-five people play Super Mario Bros. until only one is left.
Open World Turn-Based RPG. Ichiban Kasuga and a team of unlikely allies are thrown in the middle of a yakuza implosion.  

First-Person Survival Horror Adventure. In 1923, everyone in a remote fishing village in Norway mysteriously vanished.
Open World Action-Adventure RPG. A spin-off of the Yakuza series that follows a private investigator named Takayuki Yagami.
Episodic Choice-and-Consequences Game. Two brothers run away from home after a tragic incident while concealing a supernatural power.
Point-and-Click Adventure RPG. A young mage initiate strives to prove himself worthy to the mage masters so he can join their ranks.
Open World Action-Adventure. Ryo seeks the secret of the mirrors, tracks the Chi You Men, and faces his father's killer.
Puzzle Adventure Game. A goose goes around being a jerk to the residents of a riverside town.
Episodic Choice-and-Consequences Game. Two episodes were funded by Telltale and the other two were funded by Skybound.
Remastered Open World Action RPG. Follows Kazuma Kiryu, Masayoshi Tanimura, Shun Akiyama, and Taiga Saejima.
Remastered Open World Action RPG. Haruka's an idol. Kiryu, Saejima, Akiyama, and Shinada deal with a war between the Omi and Tojo.

Episodic Choice-and-Consequences Game. Bruce Wayne's adventures in Gotham continue in the second season of Telltale's Batman series.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Tim and Pikachu can understand each other. They investigate what happened to Tim's dad.
Open World Action RPG. Kenshiro enters the paradise city of Eden in search of his love Yuria.
Point-and-Click Adventure RPG. A thief joins Hero-U and must choose to join the Thieves Guild or become a rogue hero.
Open World Action-Adventure RPG. A spin-off of the Yakuza series that follows a private investigator named Takayuki Yagami.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Larry wakes up to find out that he has been missing for 30 years.
Free-to-Play Turn-Based Card RPG. Ichiban Kasuga and his companions fight across Kamurocho.
Remastered Open World Action-Adventure. Ryo Hazuki searches Japan for the man who killed his father.
Remastered Open World Action-Adventure. Ryo Hazuki searches China for the man who killed his father.
Remastered Point and Click Adventure. Graphic smoothing and enhanced sound through ScummVM.
Open World Action-Adventure. Spider-Man has to save New York City from the Sinister Six.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A life is rebuilt after a demon possession forces a person to mass murder across New York City.
Remastered Open World Action RPG. The former Tojo 4th chairman tries to unite the Omi and the Tojo when the 5th chairman is killed.

Remastered Point-and-Click Adventure. Double Fine adds high-definition graphics to Full Throttle.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Telltale and Marvel created a game series project based on Guardians of the Galaxy.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. The adventures of the new Order of the Stone continue in more episodic adventures.
Virtual Reality Point-and-Click Adventure. Embark on a mission to rescue the leader of the Psychonauts.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, David Fox, and Mark Ferrari return with a comedic murder mystery.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Survivors struggle against zombies in Telltale's third season of The Walking Dead.
Remade Open World Action RPG. Kiryu and a detective named Sayama uncover a conspiracy related to the massacre of the Jingweon mafia.
Open World Action RPG. An unlockable story where Majima is framed for murder and investigates it himself.

Virtual Reality Point-and-Click Adventure. Batman tells his new recruit to use the Batjet to find criminals and solve puzzles.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Telltale and DC Comics teamed up to create an episodic game based on Batman.
Remastered Point-and-Click Adventure. Double Fine adds high-definition graphics and multiple controls to Day of the Tentacle.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Dog Mendoça & Pizzaboy investigate a mystery in the supernatural underworld.
Point-and-Click Adventure. The Brazen Blade's captain drowns in an Azurrbean ocean. Duke, a brutish pirate, longs to take his place.
Episodic Direct-Controlled Adventure. Old King Graham tells his granddaughter stories about his adventures.
Social Network and Pachinko Game. Only Playable on a Fan Server. Answer questions from friends and dress up avatars known as Miis.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Telltale presents a cinematic story set in the world of Minecraft.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. DLC wherein Jesse and friends go on adventures through portals to try to return home.
Point and Click Adventure. A Francisco Gonzalez and Ben Chandler game wherein a double agent fights against a repressive government.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequence Game. This miniseries tells the story of Michonne when she was missing from the comics.
Remade Open World Action RPG. Kiryu is imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit. He finds a conspiracy involving his crush's daughter.
Open World Action RPG. Kiryu Kazuma's swan song.

Interactive Drama Adventure. Take part in the 1979 revolution.
Point and Click Adventure. "The Vague" epidemic sweeps the cosmos. Alum goes beyond what he has always known to seek answers.
Point-and-Click Adventure. This game, made with clay, is from the creators of The Neverhood.
Remastered Episodic Direct-Controlled Adventure. It features improved textures and Tom Wilson as Biff.
Episodic Direct-Controlled Adventure. The human world suffers from a magical plague. The foursome works together to stop it.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. Tim Schafer's adventure game follows a boy and a girl who are living parallel lives.
Episodic Direct-Controlled Adventure. Ragnar Tørnquist's Red Thread Games continues Zoë Castillo's journey.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. A man moved into a new apartment with his wife and discovers a secret dream machine.
Point and Click Puzzle Game. A caveman named Ungh travels the world on a quest to discover fire.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Telltale adapts the hit HBO series based on a series of novels into an episodic game.
Remastered Point-and-Click Adventure. Double Fine adds live recorded instrumental music and improved textures and lighting.
Episodic Direct-controlled Adventure. Ana Eberling discovers her legacy in a present from her father who went missing years prior.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Telltale tells episodic tales of The Borderlands in an adaption of the series by Gearbox.
Point-and-Click Adventure by James Dearden. Serial murders occur in a dystopian future that links human brains with machines.
Open World Action RPG. Young yakuza Kiryu and Majima are in the middle of a conspiracy involving an empty lot in Kamurocho, Tokyo.

Point-and-Click Adventure. In the 1950s, Joe is in Alcatraz for armed robbery. He and his wife work to get him free and recover the money.
Point-and-Click Adventure. In the Blackwell finale, Rosa and Joey put themselves at risk investigating a force that shreds human souls.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. George and Nico investigate the theft of a mysterious painting and uncover a conspiracy.
Turn-Based RPG. Children travel through time to stop a dentist from destroying Halloween.
Remade Point-and-Click Adventure. A re-imagined Gabriel Knight 1 with new high-definition art, music, and new voiceovers.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A real estate salesman seeks to make a fortune in Florida during the roaring 20s.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. Bwana and Kito run the Gas n' Charter after they were mysteriously abandoned by their father.
Open World Action RPG. In the 1860s, Samurai Sakamoto Ryōma stands up for the people of Tosa, Japan.
Point-and-Click Adventure. An investigation of a series of events by an antique dealer yields details which hold a bizarre significance.
Point-and-Click Adventure RPG. A man is trying to start his life over after running away from a shady past.
Endless Runner. Forrest Gump runs across the United States while avoiding obstacles in his way.
Remade Point-and-Click Adventure. Adds high-definition art, music, and additional story and puzzles to Shadowgate.
Point-and-Click Adventure. After Tex Murphy finds seven years have been erased from his memory, he must find out who did it and why.
Episodic Choices-and Consequences Game. Telltale's story set in the world of The Walking Dead comics continues.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Telltale brings classic fables to the modern era in their adaptation of the Fables comics.

Open-World Action-Adventure Game. Eight years before Arkham Asylum, a young Bruce Wayne patrols Gotham as Batman.
Platform Adventure. Ron Gilbert has you choose three character types to explore the mysterious sentient cave.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Rufus makes clones of himself to find Goal, to get to the spaceship Elysium, and to save Deponia.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. An FBI agent that can see into the past finds clues that someone is targeting her for her abilities.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A gender-ambiguous detective takes a high-profile case to find a missing singer.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Bud Mudd claims he found gold. His brother Fester goes to Loamsmouth to find his brother and the gold.
Free Direct-Controlled Adventure. Play as Tim Schafer again in the sequel to 2009's flash hit, Host Master.
Action-Adventure. Indy searches for the staff of Moses.
Text Adventure. A game based on the Christian Bible where you have to solve puzzles to claim your inheritance.
Remade Point-and-Click Adventure. A re-imagined Larry 1 with high-definition art, music, and voice acting, and additional puzzles.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Lilly seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery.
Poker Game. Telltale's third casual poker game stars Sam, Evil Dead's Ash, Venture Bros' Brock, Borderlands' Claptrap, and Portal's GLaDOS.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. In the 1960s, a detective investigates The Raven, an art thief that leaves behind black feathers.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. A captive in a hospital in a ravaged Buenos Aires learns that years have passed since his last memory.
Remade Point-and-Click Adventure with improved art and music. Seek the truth about a murder of a former member of your synagogue.
Free-to-Play City-Building Game. Build your own Springfield with locations and characters based on The Simpsons.
Choices-and-Consequences Game. DLC tells five stories of five survivors that bridge the gap between season one and season two.

Free Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. A college graduate becomes a paranormal investigator to investigate cases around the world.
Third-Person Shooter. The Rust Crew struggles to survive in 2080 on a planet ravaged by global warming.
Open World Action RPG. Another story starring a teenage boy named Tatsuya Ukyo.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Morgane proves herself as captain, assembles a crew, and sails to several islands in search of treasure.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Goal's personality is split into three pieces. Rufus must convince each personality to fuse into one.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A prequel to The Book of Unwritten Tales where Nate first met his furry companion Critter.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Goal falls unconscious on the garbage planet of Deponia. She is found by an angry man named Rufus.
Motion-Sensing Party Game. Play multiple party games using the Kinect motion-sensing camera.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. Chris Tolworthy's series allows you to enter the story and experience classic literature firsthand.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A spinoff of Edna & Harvey: The Breakout. A little girl named Lilli might be more than she seems.
Episodic Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. Solve cases with fan-favorite characters from the entire run of the Law & Order franchise.
Remastered Open World Action RPG. Kiryu is imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit. He finds a conspiracy around his crush's daughter.
Remastered Open World Action RPG. Kiryu and Detective Sayama uncover a conspiracy related to the massacre of the Jingweon mafia.
Turn-Based RPG. A middle manager controls the training and combat missions of a group of superheroes. 
Adventure RPG. Mario searches for six Royal Stickers scattered by Bowser at the annual Sticker Fest.
Point-and-Click Adventure by Mark Yohalem. An android and a robot companion attempt to rebuild an airship deserted in a vast desert.
Episodic Choices-and-Consequences Game. Beware of the Walking Dead in Telltale's adaptation of the comic book series.
Open World Action RPG. Haruka becomes an idol. Kiryu, Saejima, Akiyama, and Shinada deal with a war between the Omi and the Tojo.

Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. The time-traveling adventures of the cast from the Back to the Future movies.
Open-World Action-Adventure Game. Arkham Asylum takes over Gotham City. Batman has to return Gotham to normal.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Rosa and Joey uncover the truth about street-corner psychics. Some secrets were never meant to be uncovered.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Sumo Digital and Revolution's Charles Cecil bring another adventure of The Doctor to PC and Mac.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Joshua Nuernberger's dystopian future wherein a law enforcer has to rescue his brother from Center 7.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Jane Jensen's return to adventure games sees a student solving mysteries surrounding her employer's house.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. The adventures of a hot-headed foul-mouthed Detective Inspector named Hector.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Two reporters cover a monster film festival and discover a conspiracy involving the movie industry.
Casual Social Game (lost media). Join the adventure society, explore old ruins, and correspond with Indiana Jones.
Episodic Direct-Controlled Action-Adventure. Venture into Jurassic Park in this episodic series by Telltale Games.
Body-Tracking Multi-Sports Game. Use the Kinect camera to play gridiron football, skiing, darts, tennis, golf, and baseball.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Two slackers into heavy metal music find themselves in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. The mystery of Scoggins is fully revealed in the sequel to Telltale's puzzle game.
Direct-Controlled Puzzle Adventure. A Russian nesting doll enters other nesting dolls to use their abilities and gain access to places.
Direct-Controlled Puzzle Adventure. DLC has you restore the Hobo kingdom by reforging the Lost Hobo King's Crown.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Enter the mind of a hospitalized woman and try to make sense out of the images of her dreams.
Third-Person Shooter. When zombies attack Tokyo, Kiryu, Majima, Akiyama, and Ryuji Goda are Kamurocho's only hope.


Hidden Object Puzzle Game. Help the mayor bring tourists to the area as you explore the desert land.
Open World Action RPG. A teenage boy named Tatsuya Ukyo is framed for an assault that left a young boy comatose.
Remastered Point-and-Click Adventure with new close-up art. Rescue your girlfriend and uncover the secrets behind the upcoming eclipse.
Turn-Based RPG. Children use the abilities of their Halloween costumes to fight monsters and rescue their friend.
Turn-Based RPG. DLC wherein the kids go to the monster world of Repugia to save their friend Lucy.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. As a CSI in Las Vegas, solve five cases that all connect to an over-arching crime.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Sumo Digital and Revolution's Charles Cecil present four interactive episodes of Doctor Who.
Body-Tracking Multi-Sports Game. Use the Kinect camera to play bowling, boxing, soccer, table tennis, track-and-field, and volleyball.
Remade Point-and-Click Adventure. LucasArts adds high-definition art, music, and voiceovers to Monkey Island 2.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. An FBI agent must solve puzzles to uncover the truth behind the closing of an eraser factory.
Poker Game. Telltale's second casual poker game starred Max, Strong Bad, Tycho from Penny Arcade, and The Heavy from TF2.
Episodic Direct-Controlled Adventure. Telltale's episodic adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police continue with more crazy cases.
Point-and-Click Adventure. In an alternate reality from the computer adventure, Sunny washes up on the other side of the island.
Remastered Platform Game. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, E-102, and Big the Cat save the world from Doctor Eggman.
Open World Action RPG. Kazuma Kiryu, Masayoshi Tanimura, Shun Akiyama, and Taiga Saejima get involved in a conspiracy.

Juggling Game: Mr. Game & Watch juggles in this Nintendo DSi version of the 1980 Game & Watch game.
Action-Adventure Game. Batman infiltrates Arkham Asylum.
Remastered Point-and-Click Adventure with new art. Reveal a government cover-up, find secrets to your past, and escape the city.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Rosa finds herself having to deal with a foe that her aunt Lauren faced 35 years earlier.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Four unlikely heroes join forces to find a magical artifact before it can fall into the wrong hands.
Remastered Point-and-Click Adventure with new art and gameplay. Investigate murder, uncover a conspiracy and clear your name.
Action Strategy Game. A roadie finds himself in a heavy metal world and becomes the leader of a plot to save it.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. Telltale's third CSI game has you working in Las Vegas with season nine's new CSI team.
Point-and-Click Adventure. In L. Frank Baum's land of Oz, Petra, a private detective, searches for a mysterious woman's fiancé.
Point-and-Click Adventure. In Autumn Moon's second game, three ghost pirates learn to cope with their ghostly forms.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. Three goblins attempt to help King Balderone find his missing aardvark, Riri.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. You play as Tim Schafer! It's a Double Fine adventure! It has injokes! How could I possibly not add this here?
Mini Game Collection. Larry Loveage's uncle, the original Leisure Suit Larry, calls him for help at his movie studio, Laffer Studios.
Remade Point-and-Click Adventure. LucasArts adds new high-definition art, music, and voiceovers to Monkey Island.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Simon has to save the Magic Kingdom from an outer space invasion.
Episodic Direct-Controlled Adventure. Guybrush tries to defeat LeChuck and ends up cursing the entire Caribbean.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Sequel to Ben There, Dan That. British video gamers, Ben and Dan, get into even weirder situations.
Episodic Direct-Controlled Adventure. Telltale gives Aardman's famous wacky inventor and dog duo their own series of episodic games.
Open World Action RPG. Kiryu, former Tojo 4th chairman, tries to unite the Omi and the Tojo when the 5th chairman is killed.

Point-and-Click Adventure. Two British video gamers, Ben and Dan, get themselves into weird situations.
Point-and-Click/Direct-Controlled Adventure. Dangeresque plants evidence to "solve" a crime so the chief will let him go home.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Edna is in a mental institution, and she breaks out with the help of her talking doll Harvey.
Action RPG. In 1605, the rōnin Miyamoto Musashi stands up for the people of Japan.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. Telltale's second season of the misadventures of everyone's favorite freelance police, Sam & Max.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A spoiled rich 17-year-old girl is alone on an island after a storm while on board a luxurious cruise ship.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. Telltale and Videlectrix showcase the Homestar Runner universe through the eyes of Strong Bad.
Free Puzzle Platformer. A mysterious magical being has kidnapped the Double Fine team. Tasha utilizes her cat's magic to rescue them.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Autumn Moon's full-length LucasArts-styled adventure. Use supernatural powers to escape vampire hunters.

Point-and-Click Adventure. In 1973, Lauren and her spirit guide, Joey, help ghosts into the afterlife and discover who killed them.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Sumo Digital and Revolution take George on a treasure quest involving a woman named Anna-Maria.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. Telltale Games lets you take on the role of a CSI once more as you solve five more cases in Las Vegas.
Maze Game. Pac-Man clears as many power pellets as he can during the time limit.
Episodic Point-and-Click Adventure. After a long hiatus, Sam & Max, the Freelance Police are back, in an episodic series by Telltale.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Simon receives a vision from the wizard Calypso's granddaughter, Alix, warning him of danger.

Point-and-Click Adventure. A middle-aged man named Al Emmo travels from the east to the west in search of love.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Rosa's aunt dies and she inherits her spirit guide. They help ghosts and discover who is causing their deaths.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Phoney tries to make money by convincing people to bet on his "mystery cow" in The Great Cow Race.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. A rookie CSI solves five cases using equipment available at the Las Vegas crime lab.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Uncover a conspiracy behind the lucid-dream-inducing technology WATIcorp has developed.
Action Puzzle Game. Mr. Smoozles is brainwashed by aliens and he must be returned to normal before the universe disappears.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Rabbi Stone discovers the truth behind the murder of one of the former members of his synagogue.
Fighting Game. People from across the world join a tournament to decide who is the best fighter.
Creature-Collecting Gardening Game. Plant seeds and make lakes to attract colorful piñata creatures to your garden.
Open World Action RPG. Kiryu and a detective named Sayama uncover a conspiracy related to the massacre of the Jingweon mafia.

Point-and-Click Adventure. Phoney Bone gets the Bone cousins tossed out of town. A locust swarm causes them to get lost in a new land.
Card RPG. Sora lost his memories and has to explore his memories to get them back.
Platform Game. A young boy with psychic powers breaks into a summer camp to become a Psychonaut.
Poker Game. Telltale's first casual poker game features Harry Weinhead, Boris Krinkle, Theodore Dudebrough, and Grandma Shakey.
Open World Action RPG. Kiryu is imprisoned for a murder he didn't commit. He finds a conspiracy involving his crush's daughter.

Platform Game. A person with no memory has to travel through a cave to rescue people.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. As a CSI in Las Vegas, you are tasked to solve five more cases of murder.
Dancing Game. In the first commercial indie Dreamcast game, match the screen prompts with your feet, controller, or keyboard.
Action RPG. In a Verizon V-Cast feature phone game, Sora uses the keyblade to defeat darkness with Donald Duck and Goofy.
Action RPG. A boy named Roxas enjoys time with his friends, then Sora explores the same area with Goofy and Donald Duck.
Mini Game Collection. A college student named Larry Lovage plays sexual minigames on his campus.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Kate Walker accompanies an inventor to a land where mammoths still live.

Direct-Controlled Adventure. George meets a scientist who has claimed to have found a source of unlimited energy.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. As a CSI in Las Vegas, you are tasked to solve five cases of murder.
Action-Adventure. This game has more of an emphasis on action than Infernal Machine. It's a prequel to Temple of Doom.
Action-Adventure Game Compilation. Includes The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Ocarina of Time, and Majora's Mask.
Remastered Platform Game. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, E-102, and Big the Cat save the world from Doctor Eggman.

Air Hockey Game. A game on a card that is playable when scanned with the e-Reader for Game Boy Advance.
Action RPG. Sora receives a keyblade, a combination of a sword and a key. He defeats darkness with Donald Duck and Goofy.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Simon gets back into his body and returns a favour for the rejoining of his soul.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Kate Walker is sent to France to take over a factory, but things take a different turn.

Survival Horror Game. 75 years after the first game, a reincarnated Edward Carnby investigates the death of his partner.
Action-Adventure Stealth Game. Solid Snake and Raiden have to destroy Metal Gear Ray.
Point-and-Click Adventure. The book of Ages was stolen by a man who seeks vengeance upon the man who wrote it. 
Open World Action-Adventure. Ryo's search for the man who killed his father brings him to Hong Kong.

Direct-Controlled Adventure. The fourth Monkey Island. Guybrush fights an Australian who is buying all the land in the Carribean.
Action Platform Graffiti Rollerblading Game. The GGs spray graffiti, fight a corrupt police force, and stop a hypnotism plot.
Action-Adventure Stealth Game. Solid Snake and Christine Jenner have to infiltrate Gindra and destroy Metal Gear Gander.
Text Adventure. Scott Adams' first game in 15 years. You return to Pirate's Island one more time in search of treasure.

Direct-Controlled Adventure. A journalist visits an old man who saw a giant bird in the mysterious Amerzone region.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Protect the son of Prince James from vampire-like creatures called Night Visitors.
Action-Adventure. Indy and Sophia Hapgood stop the Soviet Union from finding a supernatural weapon.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. April Ryan can travel between the magic world of Arcadia and the technological world of Stark.
Action-Adventure Stealth Game. Solid Snake goes through various virtual reality training simulations.
Open World Action-Adventure. Ryo Hazuki travels through Yokosuka, Japan in 1986 for information about the man who killed his father.
Open World Action-Adventure. A Shenmue demo. Ryo searches for Hidekazu Yukawa, the former Senior Managing Director of Sega.

Direct-Controlled Adventure. Uncover a mystery of crime and corruption in the Land of the Dead.
Point-and-Click Adventure. FBI agent Hopkins has to bring a criminal mastermind to justice.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Everyone in Daventry has been turned to stone. A simple tanner saves the kingdom.
Action-Adventure Stealth Game. Solid Snake has to infiltrate Shadow Moses Island, save a scientist, and destroy Metal Gear Rex.
Direct-Controlled Adventure RPG. The hero enters a contest to become king of Silmaria.
Platform Game. Sonic, Tails, Amy, Knuckles, E-102, and Big the Cat save the world from Doctor Eggman.

Point-and-Click Adventure. Rescue your girlfriend and uncover the secrets behind the upcoming eclipse.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Break a curse that has fallen upon your girlfriend, and defeat a demon pirate.
Point-and-Click Adventure. While just doing his job, Feeble gets caught in a plan to overthrow the government.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Two reporters cover a social gathering of movie monsters in Hollywood.
Remade Point-and-Click Adventure.  Includes enhanced puzzles, sounds, and music, and actors from the second game.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. Two school kids are told by a professor an alien spaceship crashed somewhere.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A hotel guest's friends can only be freed by collecting 12 prayer sticks called Bahos.
Point-and-Click Casual Adventure.  Each adventure is different as each game is randomly generated.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A game targeted toward young girls that is about search and discovery.
Free Text Adventure. A private in the Inquisition Guard explores an unknown area of the Great Underground Empire.

Point-and-Click Adventure. Investigate a murder in Paris, uncover a conspiracy and try to clear your name.
Platform Game. Satellaview challenge version of Super Mario USA (Super Mario Bros. 2 outside of Japan) over Broadcast Satellite.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. John Hacker rescues a blonde woman who has been kidnapped by Count Dráscula.
Point-and-Click Casual Adventure. Each adventure is different as each game is randomly generated.
Point-and-Click Adventure. While on a cruise ship, Larry has to cheat to win a weekly contest held by Captain Thygh.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A man wonders if his hallucinations mean he's killing his friends.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A game that is targeted toward young girls and is about search and discovery.
Platform Game. The Koopa King, Bowser, sealed Princess Peach and her servants in the castle. Mario rescues them with stars.
Turn-Based RPG. Mario, Peach, Bowser, Mallow, and Geno save the world from an entity known as Exor.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Christopher Lloyd is Drew Blanc, an animator who ends up in a cartoon world of his own creation.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A journalist goes to interview a drug dealer and finds him murdered. Now he's mistaken for the killer.

Point-and-Click Adventure. A reporter enters Stauf's mansion after his producer disappears during a murder investigation.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A game targeted toward young girls that is about search and discovery.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Three astronauts investigate an asteroid and are taken to another planet.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. A dragon tries to fix the mischief he caused with a magic wand called Eveline.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. Joe King, pilot for hire, uncovers a diabolical plot when his plane crash lands.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Save your gang, your girlfriend, and your very way of life.
Point-and-Click FMV Adventure.  In Germany, Gabriel investigates the apparent werewolf-related death of a little girl.
Point-and-Click Adventure.  A writer moves into a mansion where a demon possesses her husband's body.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Shaggy, Scooby, and the gang solve the mysteries of Blake's Hotel and the Ha Ha Carnival.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A teenager is dared by his friends to spend the night inside of a haunted museum.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Foil the evil sorcerer Sordid's plans of revenge.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. A bride's father tries to find a man who ran away at his arranged wedding.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Roger resumes his role as a janitor and stumbles into another adventure.
Platform Game. A Yoshi carries the baby Mario to rescue his brother Luigi.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Torin must rescue his family and defeat the evil sorceress Lycentia.

Survival Horror Game. After gaining fame from his successes, Edward Carnby is hired to investigate a ghost town in the Mohave desert.
Beat 'Em Up Game. The Battletoads fight through six levels to save the world from the Dark Queen.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. Uncover a government cover-up and secrets to your past as you try to escape the city.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A professor wants peace between humans and mutants created after an atomic war.
Platform Game. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong track down King K. Rool to get back their banana stash.
Dating Simulator Visual Novel: A high school student dates several girls.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A magical orb is stolen and a fox named Rif is accused so he sets off to find the true culprit.
Point-and-Click Adventure. The evil jester Malcolm proves his innocence in the crime of killing the king and queen.
Point-and-Click Adventure.  Separated, mother and daughter must find each other and save the kingdom of Eldritch.
Arcade One-on-One Fighting Game. The second Virtua Fighter arcade game improved upon the original.
Action Puzzle Game. Toad rids monsters from a forest to return Wario's Woods back to the Peaceful Woods.

Point-and-Click Adventure. Enter Stauf's mansion and solve the diabolical riddles inside.
Survival Horror Game. Supernatural private investigator Edward Carnby explores an old mansion while investigating a kidnapping.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Travel through time and stop an evil tentacle from taking over the world.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Freddy Pharkas discovers who is scaring away all of the landowners in Coarsegold.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Gabriel Knight finds out about his Schattenjäger heritage.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. A goblin named Blount goes on a quest a rescue to find his kidnapped girlfriend.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A temporal agent discovers anachronisms when someone alters the past, and time-travels to fix the timestream.
Point-and-Click Adventure. The young sorceress Zanthia must stop the kingdom of Kyrandia from disappearing.
Action-Adventure Game: Link washes up on a beach and needs to wake the Wind Fish to get off Koholint Island.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Larry wins a trip to the health spa La Costa Lotta and tries to win over available women.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A woman investigating a shipwreck is sent back 150 years.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Adam explores the rainforest for a cure for a disease affecting the local natives.
Point-and-Click Adventure A stranger arrives on an island through a book and discovers what happened to the inhabitants of the island.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Pepper follows her dog into a time portal and must undo all of the changes to the timeline.
Point-and-Click Adventure. John Carey investigates a serial killing where his ex-partner was one of the victims.
Point-and-Click Adventure RPG. The hero arrives in the caves of Mordovia where he must stop a demon spirit.
Point-and-Click Adventure. While on holiday in the Valley of the Sparrows, stop the powers that have destroyed the land.
Point-and-Click Adventure. The duo travel across the USA in search of a missing Bigfoot.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Journey through a magical world, rescue a wizard and defeat an evil sorcerer.
Platform Game: Sonic travels through time to stop Dr. Robotnik from creating the Eggman Empire.
Point-and-Click Adventure. When Roger is promoted to captain, he finds his first assignment to be dangerous.
Compilation of Platform Games. Enhanced remakes of the first four Super Mario Bros. home console games.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. A teenager is hired as a spy to discover how a millionaire is acquiring his riches.
Arcade One-on-One Fighting Game. Sega's first Virtua Fighter arcade game is the game that popularized the 3D fighter.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A private investigator is hired to spy on a house of a man running for president of the USA.

Survival Horror Game. As either a private investigator or the niece of a man who committed suicide, investigate a haunted mansion.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Aliens called the Bargon have conquered Earth. A young programmer wants to free humanity.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Robin Hood steals money for King Richard's ransom and stays away from kingdom guards.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. Someone has kidnapped the prince, and it's up to two goblins, Winkle and Fingus, to rescue him.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Uncover the power of the lost city of Atlantis before the Nazis.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. Solve the security puzzles on Dr. Brain's island in order to retrieve an invention for him.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Brandon attempts to free his grandfather and the kingdom itself from an evil curse.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Alexander sets sail for the Green Isles in search of the beautiful Princess Cassima.
Point-and-Click Adventure. An alien from Planet X comes to Earth asking for help freeing his own planet.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Laura must discover who is killing all of the people at an Egyptian exhibit in New York City.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. Escape prison, rid the kingdom from invaders, and defeat the cruel temptress.
Point-and-Click Adventure RPG. The hero must unite and lead the warring tribes in a battle against a demon wizard.
Platform Game. Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower destroy robots and defeat Dr. Robotnik.
Platform Game. Mario recovers his stolen castle from Wario.
Kart Racing Game. Mario and his friends race in go-karts on courses throughout the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A wizard must complete three quests in three days in order to kill an evil wizard.

Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. Solve all of the puzzles in order to become the assistant to the mad scientist Dr. Brain.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Adam and Delphineus seek the whale king of the underwater kingdom of Eluria.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Deliver a sex drive-increasing drug and don't get implicated in a murder.
Puzzle Game. Roger Rabbit babysits Baby Herman, who escapes toward a milk bottle factory.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Hugo's great uncle has been murdered, and Penelope must discover "whodunit".
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Hugo must search the jungle of doom for an anti-venom for Penelope, who was bitten.
Point-and-Click Adventure. An amnesiac Larry searches the USA for girls to star in a TV show.
Action-Adventure Game. The Sacred Realm has been sealed into darkness. Link has to rescue seven maidens to break the seal.
Point-and-Click Adventure. In this game aimed at children, fairy tales are mixed up and you have to fix them.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Search for a treasure with powers that can get rid of the dreaded pirate LeChuck for good.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Detective Sonny Bonds' investigation becomes personal when his wife is stabbed.
Point-and-Click FMV Adventure. Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, must solve three cases.
Platform Game. Sonic the Hedgehog saves the animals that were turned into robots and defeats Dr. Robotnik.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Roger travels through time to try to avoid being captured by an old enemy.
Action Platform Game. Luke Skywalker traverses through the events of the 1977 film.
Arcade Beat 'Em Up Game. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles travel through time and defeat Shredder and Krang.
Platform Game. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have to track down the Technodrome, then defeat Shredder and Krang.
Beat 'Em Up Game. Shredder and Krang steal Manhattan and the Ninja Turtles get it back.


Episodic Shareware Platform Game. 8-year old Billy Blaze becomes Commander Keen to save Earth from the Vorticons.
Soccer RPG. Tsubasa continues to serve as captain of his soccer team.

Point-and-Click Adventure. King Arthur goes on a quest to rescue his knights and find the holy grail.
Action Sports Game. Kunio-Kun and other athletes compete in multiple events.
Falling Block Puzzle Game. Dr. Mario eliminates three kinds of viruses with pills with two differently shaded halves.
Falling Block Puzzle Game. Dr. Mario uses two-colored pills to eradicate three different kinds of viruses.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Rescue your girlfriend before she's turned into a half-cyborg Geisha.
Shareware Direct-Controlled Adventure. Hugo saves his girlfriend Penelope who is a prisoner in the house of horrors.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Search for and defeat an evil wizard who has stolen your castle and your family.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Hone your magical powers as you uncover a plot to control the threads of existence.
Action-Adventure Stealth Game. Solid Snake has to infiltrate Zanzibar Land, save a scientist, and destroy Metal Gear D.
Point-and-Click Adventure RPG. Travel to Raseir to resurrect a powerful magical being.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Become a pirate, defeat an evil ghost captain, and rescue the governor.
Action-Adventure Stealth Game. Solid Snake has to defeat Big Boss and destroy Metal Gear 2.
Board Video Game. Spot plays against up to four of his doppelgangers in an attempt to capture all the chips.
Platform Game. Mario and Luigi travel to Dinosaur Land to rescue Princess Peach.
Platform Game. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles track down the Technodrome and defeat Shredder and Krang.

Direct-Controlled Adventure. A naval officer is sent to Tunisia to rescue a US ambassador in order to prevent war.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. A college student named Laura Bow must find out family secrets to uncover a murderer.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A descendant of Takeru Yamato discovers a plot by the Kumaso clan to resurrect their dark gods.
Platform Game. Scrooge McDuck travels across the world to find treasures so he can remain the richest duck in the world.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Rescue Indy's father from the Nazis and recover the holy grail.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Work with the aliens while secretly working to get rid of them.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Detective Sonny Bonds rescues his girlfriend and once again captures the Death Angel.
Point-and-Click Adventure RPG. You must battle monsters and solve quests to become a hero.
City-Building Game. Create your own town and grow it into a megalopolis in this game that popularized the genre.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Rescue the two guys from Andromeda from the evil ScumSoft corporation.
Platform Game. Mario travels to Sarasaland and rescues Princess Daisy from the alien Tatanga.
Action-Adventure. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles defuse bombs, find the Technodrome, then defeat Shredder.
Arcade Beat 'Em Up. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles track down the Technodrome and defeat Shredder and Krang.

Soccer RPG. Tsubasa is the captain of his soccer team.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Sell your home in New York and head out to Gold Rush-era California to strike it rich.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Travel to the kingdom of Tamir, save a fairy, and find fruit to heal your dying father.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Larry gets dumped, goes on a cruise, and ends up in the middle of a KGB plot.
Point-and-Click Puzzle Game. A game for children. Open a manhole cover to find a beanstalk leading to fantastic worlds.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Earth has been invaded by aliens. Try to overthrow them and save humanity.
Platform Game. Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Peach, Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom, travel to Subcon and defeat Wart.
Platform Game. Mario and Luigi rescue Princess Toadstool from Bowser.
Point-and-Click Adventure. A tabloid reporter, an archeologist, and two college students save the world.
Action-Adventure RPG: Link has to wake a sleeping Princess Zelda to prevent Ganon's return.
Graphic Text Adventure. A curse must be lifted by Curse Day or the empire will fall.

Arcade Shoot 'Em-Up. A liberation force known as A-Jax saves the Earth from alien invaders.
Graphic Text Adventure. The Implementors task you with recovering the Coconut of Quendor.
Action-Adventure Game: Link rescues Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule from the evil Ganon.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. A loser hits on women all night before he finds one that will sleep with him.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Break into a spooky mansion to save your cheerleader girlfriend.
Action-Adventure Stealth Game. Solid Snake has to defeat Big Boss and destroy the nuclear walking tank known as Metal Gear.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Children's game. Nursery rhymes are mixed up and you have to fix them.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. A cop patrols the street, then goes undercover to take down "The Death Angel".
Boxing Game. Little Mac boxes through the minor, major, and world circuits so he can face the champ.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Stop the Warlock Lord from summoning a hell demon.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. The Sarien leader seeks revenge on intrepid janitor Roger Wilco.
Action-Adventure RPG: Link has to wake a sleeping Princess Zelda to prevent Ganon's return.

Platform Game. Mario travels to the Viva Kingdom to rescue Princess Peach from King Koopa.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Protect a mystical pig and prevent evil from escaping the Black Cauldron.
Turn-Based RPG. A hero has to defeat the Dragonlord to eliminate all monsters in Alefgard.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. A slave to a wizard must escape from the wizard's house without the wizard seeing.
Graphical Text Adventure. You are sucked into a movie theater screen of the movie Labyrinth and must escape.
Action-Adventure Game: Link rescues Zelda, the Princess of Hyrule, from the evil Ganon.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. A janitor must save his planet from alien invaders known as the Sariens.
Platform Game. Facing more difficult obstacles, Mario rescues Princess Peach from King Koopa.
Free Soviet DOS Version of the Falling Block Puzzle Game. Rotate tetromino to bind them together and set up lines to clear them.
Platform Game. Mario rescues Princess Toadstool from Bowser, King of the Koopa.
Shoot 'Em Up: A space shoot 'em up video game by Yasuyuki Suzuki.

Puzzle Game. Retrieve an artifact containing secrets of a lost civilization, before Indy's rival, Ivar Reiss.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Travel to a faraway land to rescue Valanice from a witch who has imprisoned her in an ivory tower.
Platform Puzzle Game. Mario and Luigi solve puzzles to rid the sewers of shellcreepers.
Platform Game. Mario rescues Peach, Princess Toadstool of the Mushroom Kingdom from Bowser, King of the Koopa.


Arcade Action Game. Charlie, a circus clown, rides a lion and jumps over obstacles ranging from bouncing balls to dolphins.
Static Screen Shoot 'Em Up. Stanley the Bugman blasts enemies before Donkey Kong parachutes to the ground.
Light Gun Shooting Game. A hunter, with the help of his hunting dog, shoots ducks and practices by shooting clay pigeons.
Action LCD Game. Mickey Mouse Game & Watch bootleg. Mickey collects eggs from chickens.
Action LCD Game. Egg Game & Watch bootleg. Based on the Well, Just You Wait! (Nu pogodi!) shorts, a wolf steals eggs from chickens.
Graphical Text Adventure. A simplified remake of The Dark Crystal. Typing is not required. Actions are chosen from a list.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Sir Graham has to find the three treasures of Daventry to become king.
Graphical Text Adventure. Join Mickey in this game aimed at children. Typing is not required. Actions are chosen from a list.
Graphical Text Adventure. Join Winnie the Pooh in this game aimed at children. Typing is not required. Actions are chosen from a list.
Shoot 'Em Up: A space shoot 'em up video game by Yasuyuki Suzuki.

Graphical Text Adventure. A Gelfling named Jen heals the Dark Crystal, which holds the power of nature, by finding a lost shard.
Action LCD Game. In the twenty-fourth Game & Watch console, Mario & Luigi load packages onto trucks.
Arcade Platform Game. Mario and his brother Luigi are plumbers that fight creatures that come out of pipes.
Text Adventure. Return to Pirate's Island in search of treasure.
Graphical Text Adventure. In this game aimed at children, 15 treasures were stolen by an evil troll.

Text Adventure A detective must investigate an apparent suicide which is more than it seems.
Arcade Platform Game. Mario captured an ape named Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong Jr. has to rescue him.
Graphical Text Adventure. In this game aimed at children, free 16 animals that were captured by a dragon.
Lander Simulator: Use rocket boosters to successfully land a spacecraft on the surface of Jupiter.
Shoot 'Em-Up Video Game. Pilot a spacecraft, destroy enemy targets, avoid rocky terrain, and refuel when necessary.
Arcade Fixed-Shooter. A mother pig uses a bow-and-arrow to save her piglets from a pack of wolves.
Action-Adventure. In this Atari 2600 game, use inventory items to pass obstacles and find the Ark of the Covenant.
Action Game: Spider-Man climbs buildings while avoiding the Green Goblin.
Graphical Text Adventure. A black hole mining ship investigates an anomaly that turns out to be a giant ship.
Graphical Text Adventure. Travel through time, solve puzzles, and meet historical figures.
Text Adventure. Survive the horrors of the dungeon and you earn your reward.

Text Adventure. Enter Cranston Manor to find the 16 treasures to break the curse of the town of Coarsegold.
Text Adventure. Collect items around Count Dracula's castle so that you can ultimately put an end to the evil vampire.
Arcade Platform Game. Mario rescues his girlfriend Pauline from her kidnapper, Donkey Kong.
Action LCD Game. In the thirteenth Game & Watch console, Mickey Mouse collects eggs from chickens.
Action LCD Game. The fourteenth Game & Watch console is a variation of the thirteenth. A wolf steals eggs from chickens.
Text Adventure. Retrieve thirteen treasures from an abandoned goldmine-era town by searching Boot Hill and the mine.
Maze Game: A Heian-period police officer protects the capital city by digging holes to trap aliens and then shoveling dirt on top of them.
Text Adventure. Find your way through the mysterious fun house before the park closes and you are thrown out.
Text Adventure. Find all of the treasures in a recently discovered Egyptian pyramid and escape alive.
Text Adventure. It was the basis for Leisure Suit Larry.  Find items to win the affection of various women.
Text Adventure. Teleport to distant worlds to collect items, so you can fix your spaceship and return home.
Graphical Text Adventure. In ancient Greece, Ulysses must retrieve the golden fleece, a treasure protected by gods.
Text Adventure. Enter the Great Underground Empire once again on a quest to defeat the wizard of Frobozz.

Maze Game: Dig tunnels through the dirt and use strategy to protect your base in the first sandbox video game.
Juggling LCD Game. In the first Game & Watch game, Mr. Game and Watch juggles.
Arcade Maze Game. Lupin steals money and avoids the police.
Graphical Text Adventure. An astronaut must travel to an asteroid, and blow it up before it collides with the Earth.
Graphical Text Adventure. Search for treasure and uncover a murderer or else become the next victim.
Arcade Maze Game. Pac-Man eats power pellets while avoiding the ghosts.
Whack-a-Mole LCD Game. In the third Game & Watch game, Mr. Game & Watch whacks moles with hammers.
Text Adventure. Enter a castle and remove the curse that has been placed on Count Cristo by his enemies.
Graphical Text Adventure. A wanderer in the kingdom of Serenia must rescue the king's daughter from an evil wizard.
Text Adventure. Travel through the Great Underground Empire to find the Nineteen Treasures of Zork.

Break Out-Style Game. The speed and number of balls could be configured. There are also multiple game styles.
Text Adventure. As a secret agent, you must race against time to complete your mission before a nuclear power plant explodes.

Text Adventure. First commercial adventure game. Travel through an enchanted world in search of 13 treasures.
Driving game. Co-designed by Mitsubishi and Nintendo. Drive a car and avoid oncoming traffic.
Text Adventure. Travel from your London flat to a tropical island in search of pirates' gold.
Arcade Fixed- Screen Shoot 'em Up. Defend yourself against an invading alien fleet.

Text Adventure. Created by Will Crowther in 1975 and 1976, and expanded in 1977 by Don Woods. Navigate caverns to find treasure.

Text Adventure. Created by Peter Langston in 1973 and 1974 using his scripting language Wander. Lost for years until it was found in 2015.

Text Action-Adventure. It was created by Gregory Yob in 1973. It's a text-based game that contains elements used in adventure games.