Saturday, July 3, 2004

FreeSCI Stable Branch Daily Build

Update, February 14, 2009: FreeSCI has been merged with ScummVM.

FreeSCI's Dreamcast daily builds page has been updated again this week, with a build of the stable branch of FreeSCI. Here's what's new:
  • src/dc/keyboard.c, src/dc/keyboard.h, src/gfx/drivers/dc_driver.c: Added implementation of Dreamcast on-screen keyboard.
  • src/engine/kfile.c: Use HAVE_*_H macro's for unistd.h and dirent.h includes.
Thanks to lyonhrt for the news.

Thursday, January 1, 2004

My Sites Are On Hiatus

I just wrapped up working at Wal-Mart for the Christmas season, and my rent on my apartment is going up.  So, I have taken this time to elect not to become a full time employee, and I have turned in my apartment key so I can move in to be a full time caretaker of my grandparents.  My grandfather has Alzheimer's, which is a debilitating disease, so this will take up most of my time.

Thanks for your understanding, and thanks for following my sites all these years.