Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Precinct: A New Kickstarter by Police Quest Creator

Another adventure game veteran has went the Kickstarter route to fund a new adventure game. This time it's Precinct, a new realistic police adventure simulation game by Jim Walls, the former police officer who created the Police Quest series at Sierra.

This new game will have you take up the shoes of officer Maxwell Jones in the corrupt town of Fraser Canyon, CA.  You will begin as a rookie and then work your way up the ranks.  The Police Quest games were always known for their realism in regards to police procedures and actions, and this game brings the realism up a notch by presenting the game in a first person perspective, blending the Sierra game style with modern technology.

The game can be pre-ordered at the $19 tier, at the $29 tier you will recieve the soundtrack in MP3 format plus VIP access to the game's website where you'll get to see bits of the game as it's being made, for $60 you'll get added to the special thanks section of the credits (plus everything from the lower tiers), at $75 you'll get beta access (plus everything from the lower tiers), and more.

So, if you like Police Quest, or Sierra style adventures in general, pick a tier and become a backer at the Precinct Kickstarter.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Walking Dead: 400 Days DLC Is Out Now

The Walking Dead: 400 Days, a DLC episode for the first season of The Walking Dead which combines five stories in a single episode, is available now for PSN (in North America), PC, and Mac. Xbox Live gamers can buy the game on the fifth of July, while European PSN will get the game five days later, on the 10th. iOS players don't have to wait long this time around, since it will be released for those devices on the 11th. The DLC is $4.99, except if you purchased The Walking Dead through the Telltale store, in which case you'll receive it for free as a thank-you for buying directly from Telltale.

400 Days is also coming to the PS Vita, in a package with the rest of the five episodes of The Walking Dead, in August.

Broken Age Woes Lessened By Steam Early Access

Tim Schafer posted news about Broken Age's monetary and development woes, and plans to relieve some of those woes through releasing half of the game in January through Steam Early Access. Backers of Broken Age can read Tim's message here (or through the Backer only forum at Double Fine's forums).

News sites are picking up the story, so if you didn't back, you can still get the skinny on what's happening. Apparently, Tim designed the game too big in scope, so he's had to cut it down in order to fit in the budget. Unfortunately, the Kickstarter money still isn't enough for the large scope of the game, so he's funding the game additionally from the money Double Fine made from the games they're self publishing. He doesn't want to have to cut large things like the girl or the boy from the game, so he's decided to get additional funding through Steam Early Access. Steam Early Access will allow gamers to play the first half of the game in January 2014, and then play the rest of the game in a free update in April or May of 2014.

Those who backed the game don't have to worry, you'll get the Steam Early Access at no cost (this Steam Early Access plan is for additional purchases, not those already made). You'll also still be able to get access to the beta even earlier than that, as originally promised.