Sunday, May 29, 2011

ScummVM 1.3.0 "Runner" Released

ScummVM is a program that lets you play various adventure games (such as most LucasArts, Sierra, Revolution, Adventure Soft, etc.) on many different systems including modern versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, as well as Dreamcast, Wii, iPhone, and more. This new version is now playable on WebOS PDAs and smartphones.

The new games supported by the new version of ScummVM include Urban Runner, Toonstruck, Hugo's House of Horrors, Hugo II: Whodunit?, and Hugo III: Jungle of Doom. It also now supports the children's adventure games Backyard Baseball, Backyard Baseball 2001, Playtoons: Bambou, and several games in the Living Books series.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Back to the Future Episode 3 on iPad Now

Back to the Future: The Game Episode 3: Citizen Brown is now available for the iPad from the iTunes store.

The episode was also supposed to be released on PlayStation Network on May 3rd, but that has been delayed because PSN was hacked and the PlayStation Store is still down. Sony says that once the store is back up (Sony hopes to have it back up by the end of May), all releases will be released quickly with several a day for multiple days in a week instead of the usual one a week release schedule, so PlayStation 3 gamers won't have to wait too long for their Back to the Future fix once the store comes back online.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Night of the Meteor Video and Theme Music

Night of the Meteor, the remake of Maniac Mansion using graphics inspired by it's sequel Day of the Tentacle, has some preview material available.

A trailer for the game in a style parody of classic horror films is now up at YouTube. The game's theme song, a remix of the Maniac Mansion theme in a Day of the Tentacle style, is available to listen to at the Night of the Meteor website.

The game seems to use a longer script than the original game, but it fits the humor of the series well. There's no release date yet, but work on the game is progressing steadily.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Harvey's New Eyes Officially Announced

Harvey's New Eyes, the spin-off to to Daedalic Entertainment's Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, has been rumoured since August 2010, but now it's official.

 The game stars a little girl who lives in a convent school named Lilli instead of Edna as in the previous game.

According to the game's website, the story is as follows:

"Seemingly the best-behaved little girl in the world, she [performs] all her chores in a diligent manner, no matter how unfair they may be. Her innocent, imperturbable way of carrying out the orders of others has something both tragic and eerie about it. Any angry thoughts, any childlike disobedience is buried deep beneath a seemingly impenetrable surface of sweetness. But how long will these feelings stay hidden? And where do the friendly little gnomes come from that paint over everything unpleasant in Lilli’s vicinity with a pleasant pink color? Are they real or just a product of her subconscious?"

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Jurassic Park coming to PC, Mac, PS3, and Xbox 360

A few days ago, Telltale Announced that they have become an Xbox 360 publisher. Now they've confirmed that Jurassic Park: The Game will be coming to PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 this fall.

The Xbox 360 version will be a retail release with the full series on disc. Telltale previously stopped Xbox Live Arcade releases of their games after Microsoft pushed the release date back for the XBLA release of the Wallace & Gromit episodes. So, it makes sense for them to apply as retail publishers for that platform, as they aren't satisfied with Microsoft's handling of digital distribution.

The PC and Mac release date was pushed back to fall as well a few days ago as well, so all announced platforms will now be receiving the game in the same sales quarter.