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Cafe Calavera's Grim Fandango Walkthrough

Year 1

El Marrow

You are in Manny's office.
Check Manny's mail.
Grab the cards off the table and the memo from his tube.
Then, Talk to Eva about Manny's job.
Now, use the deck of cards with the hole punch on Eva's desk.
Now go in the door to the left, down the elevator and into the garage.

No one is in the garage, eh?
Go to the shack in the corner of the garage on the other side of the elevator.
Knock on the door.
So, Glottis won't drive?
So talk him into driving.
Tell him he's not too big, the cars are too small.
Now leave the garage, and go to the street.

Manny must get the work order signed.
Don Copal must sign it but Eva says he's busy.
You need to get around Eva and into Copal's office.
Go down the elevator, through the lobby, out to the street, and down the street into the alley.

Go to the end of the alley and climb the rope.
Now go into the window behind Manny.

Manny is in his boss's office.
Look at the computer.
The answering machine is hooked up to it.
Choose the responder and instruct Eva to sign for Copal.
Go out the window, and back down the rope, and back to Manny's office.

Get Eva to sign the work order.
Go back to the garage and give the work order to Glottis.

Land of the Living, poisoning, new client, etc.
Use the scythe on the client.
Hmm, Manny needs a lead on a good client.
The good leads come into Domino's message tube.
Go south and into the death building.
The janitor yelled at Manny.
Go into the packing room to the right of the lobby, and get the chemicals.
Go out into the street and to the festival.
Head toward the tents.
Walk to the tent with the bread.
Pick up a loaf of bread by pressing "enter". Now press "P" to take it.
Also, be sure and talk to the clown making baloon animals (by pressing "enter"). Tell him to make you a balloon (it doesn't matter what).
Now press "P" to take the balloon.
Also get two "dead worms" balloons.
Fill each baloon with one of the fluids from the packing room.
Now you have to walk to the front to leave the fair.

Walk to the south again and into the building.

Go up to Manny's office.
Put the two baloons down Manny's message tube.
After the janitor leaves, have Manny come back and go down the elevator.
Go to the tube room to the left of the lobby.
Flip the dead bolt to make sure the door stays open when the janitor leaves.
Go to the lobby.
Go back in the tube room when the janitor catches on fire.
Get the fire extinguisher.
Go to the tube on your right.
Put the punched card in the Red Tube in the Tube Room.

Mercades Colomar, a good client at last.
Something dirty's going on.
Manny's stuck in the shack.
Pick up the bondo.
Knock on the door.
Tell Salvador that you want to get out, to get even.
You want to prove that the department runs a crooked game.

You are in a room with Salvador and Eva.
Walk up to Salvador and talk to him (by pressing "enter").
Ask him about your mission.
So, you have to get pigeon eggs to leave town?
Where are pigeons? On the roof.
OK, first you have to find something to lure the pigeons.
What do pigeons like to eat?
OK. Now, you have to leave the room through the open door.
Walk to the front, and out the alleyway.

Walk to the left towards the alley. Keep walking straight down the alley, until you reach the tie rope.
Climb the rope.
You can't get to the top of the roof yet, so head towards the left.
Turn the corner, and you will reach some windows.
Press "enter" to look in the window.
The office is empty, so go to the third window and press enter to open it.
Walk by the desk and press "enter" by the drawer to open it. Now press "enter" to pick up the coral, then press "p" to take it.
Go to the punching bag, and punch it three times.
Pick up the mouth piece.
Walk back to the window and press "enter".

Walk to the right, and around the corner again and back to the rope. But don't climb down. (You want to get to the roof).
You need some way to get to the ladder above you.
Press "i" and then use the arrow keys to select the award. Now press "p" to take it.
Look at the loose piece of rope on the ground and press "enter" to tie the award to it.
Now press "enter" to throw the rope on the ladder above you.
Walk to the next ladder and press the up arrow key to climb it.

Now you are on the roof. Walk towards the pigeons.
They won't let you get too close, so you have to scare them.
Maybe the balloon would scare them after it popped.
Manny can't pop it so put the in the feeding dish (by pressing "i" and using the arrow keys to select the balloon and pressing "p").
Pigeons don't eat balloons, so put the bread on top of the balloon (by pressing "i" and using the arrow keys to select the bread and pressing "p").
The pigeons will fly away.

Walk over to where the pigeons were and grab the eggs (by pressing "enter" then pressing "p").
Next go back down the ladder and down the ropes (by pressing "enter" each time).
Now walk to the left to the first alley.
You will see a sheet of metal on the floor (the cover for the elevator).
On the wall behind it you will see what looks like purplish circle.
Press "enter" and the evelator will rise to take you back to the first room.

Press "i" and choose the eggs.
Give Sal the eggs by pressing "enter" when next to him.
Salvador won't let you leave town because he needs his teeth.
Use the mouth piece with the bondo and give it to Salvador.
A long walk later...

The Petrified Forest
Glottis was fired, so he took his heart out and threw it to the spiders.
The spiders won't give it back.
Walk behind Glottis (toward where the heart was thrown) until you see the heart.
The heart is in the web and the spiders won't let go of it.
Pick up a bone and throw it at the web.
Use the scythe on the web until it snaps loose.
Pick up the heart and use it on Glottis.

Glottis knocked down the signpost!
Get out of the bonewagon and pick the sign up.
Pu the sign in the ground.
Follow its direction.
Put it in the ground again.
Go through the tunnel.
What ever tunnel you follow it always takes you to the center of the clearing.
Hmm, center?
Use the sign post in the dark spot in the center.

Glottis is stuck underground and won't go any further because of the key.
Pick up the key, and Glottis won't be scared any longer.
The road is too bumpy.
You need shocks.
Go back up the ramp.
There are two roads that are yet unexplored.
The one to the north is bumpy.
The one to the northeast is not.
Take that road.

A tree with pumps?
Turn off the switch.
The four pumps would make good shocks.
You need to tip the tree over.
Get the left two pumps working together and the right two working together against the left side.
That would shake the tree apart.
Push the wheelbarrow until the front wheel is resting on one of the lines on the left.
One of the pumps stopped working.
Work on the timing until you can get the two left pumps in sync.
Do this with the right side as well.
OK. The tree is shaky but its not tipping.
Turn the switch off.
Glottis will climb the tree.
When he is all the way up, turn the switch on.
Watch the tree fall and Glottis fly.

Down the road and to a gate to go see demon beavers?
Go through the door in the middle of the dam.
AHHHHH! Flaming beaver!
Use the fire extinguisher on the beaver.
It's not working!
Move to the little path to the left of the dam.
It leads to a big rock.
Hide under the rock.
The beaver can smell Manny, but not see him.
Throw a bone from the web towards the river.
Now spray the beaver with the fire extinguisher.
Manny takes out two more beavers then unlocks the gate.
He climbs into the bonewagon and bids farewell to this forest.

Walk into the fog to the right of the stairs off the edge of the patio.
Go up stairs and into Rub-a-Mat.
Talk to the janitor, Celso.
He's one of Manny's old clients.

You have to find Celso's wife.
Show her picture to Velasco, the sailor who fished you out of the water.
She sailed off with another man.
Tell Celso what happened.
He won't take Manny's word.
Show Velasco's log to Celso.

Year 2


You're in Manny's office. Pick up the letters from Salvador on the table aginst the back wall.
Walk downstairs.
Talk to Lupe, the coat check attendant.
Walk out the front door.
Walk down the stairs.
Hmm, the raven sounds like Meche.

Use the binoculars.
Ouch, that's gotta hurt...
Ah, your old friend Velasco again.
Talk to him about getting on the Limbo, the cargo tug.
Tell him you are ready to work.
Keep talking to him until all the dialogue options about working are exhausted, then leave.
Manny needs to get Glottis some SeaBee tools, make sure Neranja does not show up, and get a union card.
Leave the docks, and head through the hub to the Casket.
Go in the door.
Talk to the locals.
They won't talk to you because you own a club.
Go back to the club's office.
Talk to Lola, the photographer.
Now talk to Olivia.
She won't talk to you because you are a club owner.
Show Salvador's letters to one of the locals.
OK. That worked.
Get the book on labor organizing from the table.
Now leave the club and head south towards the Dry Docks.
Give the labor book to Terry, the SeaBee.
Now Manny needs to get Terry a lawyer to get him out of jail.

Go back to Manny's Club.
Go down the lobby and down the stairs.
Go to the bar and pick up the bottle of Gold Flake liqeur.
Go to the casino and talk to Chowchilla Charlie.
Ask him to make you a fake union card.
You have to get his bag of money from the High Roller's Lounge.
You will get a VIP pass.
Show the pass to Glottis.
So Glottis has a weakness for racing?
Go out of the club, and talk to Lupe.
Lupe will give you an empty envelope from Lola.
Something fishys going on, Someone must have taken what was in the envelope.
Walk down to the elevator.
Walk over to the blimp bridge.
Go into the morgue.
Talk to the undertaker about what he's looking for.
He needs to find identification.
He wants a metal detector.
Go to the far end of the bridge, and at the security station, go up the stairs.

The hallway to the High Roller's lounge is left of the stairs.
Glottis had the workers preoccupied by drinking all the liquer in front of the Television.
Go into the kitchen.
Pick up the turkey baster.
The french waiter is bothering Manny.
When he goes into the pantry, shut the doors and stick the scythe through the handles.
Look at the empty barrel by Glottis.
You'll use that later to get to the basement.

Go around the corner, and talk to Nick Virago, the lawyer.
Tell him you need his help to get your friend out of jail.
Suck up to him and tell him that you want the very best lawyer, and Nick was the best you know.
Then threaten to tell Maximino about Olivia and him.
Get the cigarette case.

It might have a secret compartment.
Go down to the security station.
Tell Carla that you found the case under her desk after some stranger left it there.
She'll think its a bomb, and detonate it.
Get the key.

Walk through the metal detector.
That will work fine for Membrillo's morgue.
Drink the Gold Flake bottle and walk to the detector again.
You are in the back room.
Keep talking to Carla about the metal detector.
She'll throw it out the window into a giant kitty litter box.

Go down the security station stairs, and the betting window stairs.
That giant beast is a stuffed cat.
Go behind the hall.
Pick up the can opener.

Time to get into Glottis's empty cask.
Go back to the High Roller's kitchen.
Use the can opener to open the cask and get in.
You're in the basement.
No suitcase.

Give the forklift a try.
Drive it into the elevator.
Hmm, a secret floor.
As the secret room goes by, you have to drive the forklift so it catches the ceiling of the room.
This will stop the elevator.
Raising the forks will open the elevator door and force the elevator down so Manny can enter the secret room.
There's the suitcase... full of tickets for the number 9.
Leave high rollers and give the suitcase to Charlie.
You will get a union card.

Go back to the litter box.
Use the scythe on the sand.
You will get the metal detector.
Leave the building.
Go over the Extendo bridge, up the ramp to the hub, and past the Dry Docks.
Keep going until you get to the lighthouse.
Use the key in the door.

Poor Lola.
Pick up the plastic tile.
Go to the Blue Casket bar.
Go into the kitchen.
Use the turkey baster in the Hookah water in the sink.

Go back up the elevator to Manny's cafe.
Give the tile to Lupe.
She will bring a woman's coat.
It contains a slip of paper with the words `Rusty Anchor'.
Go south of the extendo bridge.
Go to the factory.
Naranja is here.
Go into the back room.
Open the refrigerator.
Loss of power, eh? Looks like a destraction tactic.
Use the crisper to prop open the refrigerator door.
Go to Nararanja.
Drop the Hookah water into the bottle.
When he falls asleep, grab his dog tags.

Talk to toto about the rusty anchor.
Pick up the photo.
Leave the factory.

Go back to the morgue.
Give the metal detector to Membrillo.
When he uses the detector on one corpse, put the dog tags on another.
Now Naranja is out of the picture.

Leave and go to the betting booth at the cat track.
Program Charlies device.
The plaque under the stuffed cat tells you it had been the second week of the season,
and the photo tells you it had been the sixth race.
Show the fake ticket to Doug.
Doug had the photo.

Go to the high roller lounge and to Nick.
Show the photo to him.
Terry is out of jail.
Glottis has got SeaBee tools now.
You have to get Glottis to stop betting.
Go to Manny's office in his cafe and open the hidden panel in his desk.
Push the bottom right button on the circular segment.
Push the magnet button on the far right.
Police Chief Bogen will lose, and raid Manny's casino.
Now Manny and Glottis can leave.

Year 3

At Sea

Manny's crew has been sprouted.
Just walk away from the corpses.
Glottis will save you.

There is a bomb and there is no way out of the engine room.
Use the starboard engine (the right engine).
Raise the anchor and lower it again.
It will hook on the port side anchor.
Push the button to raise the port side anchor.
Use the scythe to pull in the anchor and hook it on the porthole.
Lower the starboard anchor.
Now pull both engine levers toward you, putting the ship in reverse.
You are at the bottom of the ocean and can't go anywhere without a lantern.
Chepito, the wandering guy, has a lantern.
Talk to him, then pick him up.
Give him to Glottis.
Go towards the pearl.
You will see a submarine.
The octopus stuffs people in the sub and takes them away.
Distract the octopus by offering it Chepito.
Walk through the barnacles on the far end of the ridge.
Chepito will follow, and the barnacles will trap him.

The Edge of the World
Take the path on your right to the door at the end of the hall.
Talk to Meche and Domino.
Manny is in an office with a cage.
Talk to the imprisoned angelitos.
Tell them that you want to help them escape.
Insist that your hands are not too big.
Tell them that you don't have tiny tools.
Pick up the hammer.

Leave the office and talk to Meche.
You need a gun.
Move the ashtray.
Pick up the stockings in the wastebasket.
Go outside and head left.
Talk to Chepito.
Ask him where he got his drill.
Give Chepito the hammer.
You will get the drill.
Give the stockings to Chepito.
You will get a gun.
Give the gun to Meche.

You will get pushed into Dom's office.
Dom disarmed Meche and threw her in the "cooler".
Go to the vault and use the drill on the hinges.
The tumblers are exposed.
The trick is to line them up with the flat part toward the crack of the door, to the right, starting from the top down.
But the tumblers turn from the bottom up.
Turn the wheel until the bottom one started moving, keep it in the same direction until all four are moving, then stop when the flat part of the top tumbler is even with the doorframe.
Now turn the opposite direction until the third tumbler is engaged, and turn that no more than one turn until it lines up with the top one.
Then turn in the opposite direction to rotate the second one to the same position.
And spin it in reverse one more time to line up the bottom tumbler.
Don't turn the handle, it will reset the tumblers.
Stick the scythe through the tumblers then turn the handle.
Walk in and close the door.
Stick the scythe in the circuit above the door.
Use the scythe with the sprinklers.
Turn the valve on the pipes.
Watch the water.
It goes through the floor.
Maybe you can too.
Use the armor from the other room to bash the floor open.
Open the suitcases in the corner.
Counterfeit Number 9 tickets.
Leave through the hole.

You are on a beach.
Go to the far end of the beach.
Climb the ladder.
Drive the crane to the other end of the trench.
Get of the crane and walk down the conveyor until you get to a switch.
Switch the switch's direction.
Get on the conveyor.
When it throws you off Grab on to a bar.
Make your way down the bar to an anchor.
Grab the chain and slide down.

Go toward the light.
A ship!
Glottis is working on the boat's engine.
Get back to the crane.
Lower the scoop toward the ship.
It won't reach.
Lower the scoop toward the beach.
Go to the beach and use the drill on the bolts on the scoop.
Go up to the crane and lower the chain.
The conveyors moving the wrong way.
Lower the conveyor and flip the switch.
Flip the switch to loop the chain.
Flip the switch again to hook the chain on the anchor.
Go up the conveyor to the crane and raise the chain.
You have to get the coral crushers on the beach to crush the coral.
Go to the crane and lower the chain into the crushers.
Raise the chain.
Glottis mounts the crushers and you are on your way.

Domino won't let you go.
Jump to the deck of the sub.
You need to distract Domino.
Stick the octopus in the eye with your scythe.
Domino is ground to bits by the coral crunchers.
The angelitos pick you up and bring you to safety on the deck of your ship.

Year 4

The Edge of the World
Talk to the mechanics.
Glottis needs to race, or he will die.
You need to find a jet engine.
Go into the kitchen.
Open the drawer under the mug rack.
Pick up a rag.
Use the rag with the oil drums, then use the oil rag with the toaster.
It started a fire.
That might work as a jet, so pick up another rag and put it in oil.
You'll need proof that it will work.
Walk down the stairs to the garage door.
Go down to the base of the temple.
Go to the bottom, and open up the coffin.
You will get your mug back.
Go up the stairs to the garage.

Meche is calling you.
Go up the stairs.
Ask the gatekeeper where the others are.
He will tell you that they are in the waiting room.
He said they stole their tickets.
Manny insisted that they were the ones who had their tickets stolen.
Whoa, seems like you need to get valid Number 9 tickets.
Go to the kitchen and put the mug on the mug rack then the oil rag in the toaster.
The mug took off like a rocket.
The mechanics strapped Glottis to the top of the gondola, fitted with the rocket engine.
The rockets worked, and Glottis awoke disoriented.
He rocked back and forth, throwing himself, Manny, and Meche into the bay outside Rubacava.

You are at the extendo bridge at the railroad tracks.
You have to go to the warehouse where the bonewagon is stored.
It is rigged with a bomb set up with dominos.
Go see Velasco.
Tell him that you traded his ship in for a team of dog sleds.
Pick up the ship in a bottle.
Go to the Blue Casket.
Go into the kitchen.
Fill Velasco's ship up with coffin shooter from the keg.
Leave the kitchen.

Olivia wants to go to El Marrow.
She will meet you by the bone wagon.
Go to Toto's Scrimshaw parlor.
Open the wall cabinet.
Get the liquid nitrogen.
Go to the bone wagon.
Give the bottle of coffin shooter to Glottis.
Tell him where to find more.
When Glottis returns, gross him out to make him lose his lunch.
There, that solved the domino problem.
Use the liquid nitrogen on the floor.
Walk over to the bomb and pull out the fuse.

Nuevo Marrow
You are brought into LSA headquarters.
You have to cut off Hector's supply of guns.
You have to convince Bowsley that Hector wants to get rid of him.
Give the threatening letter from Hector to the pigeon at LSA.
Show the picture of the ex-LSA agent to the pigeon.
The pigeon is at Bowsley's workshop, so Bowsley will think the letter is for him.
Manny has to track Bowsley down.
He left behind a trail of sproutella.
Pick up the bone from the ex-LSA agent.
Take the remote control from Glottis.
Use the ladder at the end of the hall.
Go down the stairs.
The cast is complete.
He has to get rid of one of the cast members.
Get the coffee pot on the hotplate backstage.
Climb the ladder to the catwalk.
Pour the coffee down on the chorus boys.
See the snowflake grinder?
Use the snowflake grinder with the arm.
Take it with you.
Leave the catwalk.
Enter the dressing room at the foot of the stairs.
Use the makeup.

Go back to the catacombs.
You need more light.
Go to the bonewagon.
Use the bone chips with the sproutella trail.
An albino crocodile is guarding the entrance to the flower shop.
Use the remote control to raise the bonewagon's shocks.
Jump from the bone wagon to the ladder on the left to the catwalk.
Run to the other end.
Notice how the beast watches you.
His tail goes under the bonewagon when he turns.
USe the remote control to lower the bonewagon.
Climb down the ladder and enter the flower shop.

Tear the tape of the bell on the door, and re-enter the shop.
Talk him out of a gun and ammo.
Go to the casino.
The tube-switcher guy won't let you in to Hector's office without better clothes.
Go to the slot machines.
Talk to the trenchcoated unicyle guy.
He is the LSA agent that Salvador saved from sprouting.
He has to rig the machines to always win to deplete Hector's money supply.
Talk to Meche.
She told Charlie she had the hots for him, and she wants him to escort her to a toga party.
But he won't leave without winning.
Use the sheet on Charlie and tell the LSA agent to rig Charlie's machine to pay off.
Charlie gets the money, you get the suit.

Go back to the tube-switcher guy.
He won't let you in unless you really know hector.
Tell him the last number that appears on the Keno board above the slots.
You are in the waiting room outside Hector's office.
Tell Celso you are Hector's agent.
Tell him the tickets are counterfeit.

Hector will offer you a job.
He stashed real Number 9 tickets in your old filing cabinet.
Pull the gun out on Hector.
You will shoot a raven.
Hector tried to jump buildings.
The suitcase made it, but Hector missed.
You need to get that suitcase.
The gargoyle held the statue up.
If it fell, the statue would make a bridge to the other roof.
The gargoyle had a crack in it.
You need to enlarge that crack.
Sprinkle some bone chips in the crack then some sproutella.
A plant will grow up through it, releasing the gargoyle and setting the statue in place.
Go get the suitcase.

Then meet Meche at the railroad station.
Open the suitcase.
Her ticket will jump into her hand.
The raven will attack Meche and she will throw the suitcase at you.
Glottis will grab the raven.
A limo will pull up, and Olivia will tell you about Salvador.
Grab the suitcase and jump in.
Sal is just a skull now.

Manny will confront Hector.
Hector will try to make a Manny-shaped rose garden.
You have to stop the sproutella from killing Manny.
Use the liquid nitrogen on the roots.
Pluck the flower.
Talk to Sal.
There is a gun in the trunk, but the key is buried with his body.
Open the suitcase.
Sal's ticket will fly to Sal's skull.
Pick up the ticket and follow it to Sal's body.
Get the key.
Go to the car and open up the trunk.
Get the gun and ammunition.
Shoot Sproutella into the water tanks that feed the greenhouse.
Hector is no more.

Grim Fandango Walkthrough and a Name Change

A Walkthrough for Grim Fandango has been added. Plus, the Mega Monkey Grim Fandango Page has a new name: Cafe Calavera!