Game & Watch: Mickey Mouse AKA Egg

Game & Watch: Mickey Mouse, also released without the Disney license as Egg. was an action game by Nintendo Research & Development 1 that was released by Nintendo in 1983. It used frame-by-frame movement on a liquid crystal display. Mickey Mouse was the thirteenth Game & Watch console and Egg was the fourteenth.

They were preceded by the twelfth Game & Watch console, Chef, and were succeeded by the fifteenth Game & Watch console, Turtle Bridge.

Egg was remade in Game & Watch Gallery 3 for Game Boy Color, the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console, and through an emulator on the online service for the Nintendo Switch.

A bootleg of Mickey Mouse was released in the Soviet Union under the Elektronika Microprocessor Games line in 1984. The same year, a clone of Egg was released in the Soviet Union with the wolf and chicken replaced with the wolf and hare from the short film series Nu Pogodi! or Well, Just You Wait!

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