Nintendo released a home console/handheld hybrid Switch on March 3, 2017, and a handheld-only Lite model on September 20, 2019. New 3DS and Wii U preceded it.

Choices and Consequences Game. A high school girl discovers that she has the ability to rewind time.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Guybrush attempts to finally find the secret of Monkey Island once and for all.

Arcade Archives Emulation of a Shoot 'Em-Up. A liberation force known as A-Jax saves the Earth from alien invaders.
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Revolution's sequel to their cult hit 90s adventure game Beneath a Steel Sky.
Arcade Archives Emulation of an Arcade Maze Game. Pac-Man eats pellets while avoiding ghosts.
Arcade Archives Emulation of a Platform Game. Mario rescues Princess Toadstool from Bowser, King of the Koopa.

Arcade Archives Emulation of an Action Game. A circus clown rides a lion, jumping over obstacles like bouncing balls and dolphins.
Arcade Archives Emulation of a Platform Game: Donkey Kong Jr. has to rescue his father who has been caged by Mario.
Action Sports Game. First official English release. Kunio-kun and other athletes compete in multiple events.
Platform Game. Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower destroy robots and defeat Dr. Robotnik.
Compilation of Platform Games. Emulated ports of the first three 3D Super Mario home console games.

Arcade Archives Emulation of a Fixed-Screen Shooter. A mother pig uses a bow-and-arrow to save her piglets from a pack of wolves.
Puzzle Adventure Game. A goose goes around being a jerk to the residents of a riverside town.

Point and Click Adventure. Tim Schafer's adventure game follows a boy and a girl who are living parallel lives.
Arcade Archives Emulation of a Platform Game: Mario has to rescue his girlfriend Pauline from her kidnapper, Donkey Kong.
Remastered Point-and-Click Adventure. Double Fine adds live recorded instrumental music and improved textures and lighting.
Choices-and-Consequences Game. The adventures of the new Order of the Stone and its friends continue in more episodic adventures.
Sega Ages Emulation of a Platform Game. Sonic the Hedgehog saves the animals that were turned into robots and defeats Dr. Robotnik.

Arcade Archives Emulation of a Platform Game: Mario and his brother Luigi have to get rid of pests in a sewer.
Choices-and-Consequences Game. Telltale's cinematic story-based adventure set in the world of Minecraft.
Choices-and-Consequences DLC. Three episodes where Jesse and friends go on adventures through portals to try to return home.
Point-and-Click Adventure. Ron Gilbert, Gary Winnick, David Fox, and Mark Ferrari return with a comedic murder mystery.