Monday, January 2, 2023

Adult Animated Comedy Web Series Episode Review: Camp Camp - Mascot

Camp Camp, Rooster Teeth's adult animated comedy web series, continues into the second episode of the first season, "Mascot". This one gives the campers an adventure, which is exciting for the camp's adventure lover, Nikki. Luckily, it's fun for the audience as well.

The episode begins with Max accidentally sending the camp's mascot Larry the hamster hurtling toward Spooky Island instead of getting rid of the camp's annoyingly cheerful counselor, David, as he intended. Because of Max's actions, David wants the campers to search for a new mascot. Max doesn't want anything to do with David, so he goes with the Quartermaster. With the absence of the other counselor, Gwen, David has the other campers split off into groups.

The Quartermaster takes Max into an area that gives Max, and the viewers, the first glimpse that there are supernatural elements inside the campgrounds. The rest of the campers struggle to find an animal to act as a mascot, while Nikki and the camp's science camper, Neil, leave the group to explore a cave.

The hunt for a mascot is fun and has a satisfying ending. This episode also has the first use of the show's intro. The intro song is an extended version of the camp song that David sang, before being interrupted, in the show's first episode, "Escape from Camp Campbell". The song is fantastic and will be stuck in your head long after the episode ends.

"Mascot" is a fitting episode to follow the premiere. David's fantastic camp song is finally played in full during the show's intro. The intro is manic, and the animation is  While the latter episode introduced us to the campers, this episode gives the first look at the personalities of the tertiary campers. The episode could have been a little bit longer to show more of the other campers besides the main three. However, the fact that the characters were all delightfully wacky as well as the fact that the episode wrapped up everything in a satisfying way alleviates its quick pace.

Final Verdict:
4 out of 5

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