Tuesday, January 17, 2023

Adult Animated Comedy Web Series Episode Review: Camp Camp - Reigny Day

Camp Camp: "Reigny Day" probably pushes the boundaries more than any other episode in the series. It gives the camp's Adolf Hitler doppelganger an entire episode dedicated to him, throws in a lot of Hitler jokes in the process, and somehow ends up oddly charming.

David is excited about the visit of the camp critic council as he expects to be named camp counselor of the year. He has prepared a surprisingly professional-looking obstacle course as that day's activities to impress the council, but his plans are disrupted when it begins raining. The raining joke about a common idiom had me chuckling each time it came up in the episode.

David, of course, has no idea how to improvise a new activity for the children. As the kids are drawing and Dolph is there for the art camp, he hastily decides to make Dolph camp counselor for the day. This is where the show's allegory of Hitler's actions in World War II comes in. The Rooster Teeth team manages to walk the tightrope and keep it from becoming too offensive as Dolph is presented as friendly and naive. His actions are a weirdly wholesome parallel to the infamous dictator as Dolph is completely oblivious to his actions and just wants to be a good junior camp counselor.

Luckily, the episode doesn't drag, as that would give it more of a chance of being offensive. As it is, the jokes come hard and fast, but the Hitler parallels are depicted as the unknowing actions of a friendly child. Rooster Teeth managed to do the almost unthinkable by making a Hitler parody that is very watchable without becoming too offensive or cringy.

Final Verdict:
4 out of 5

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