Mega Monkey

Mega Monkey was a website I ran from 1997 to 2003. It had many subpages that covered games by LucasArts and licensees, as shown below.

The Dig (Planet Cocytus)
1995, by LucasArts. Three astronauts investigate an asteroid and are taken to another planet.

Full Throttle (The Polecats)
1995, by LucasArts. Save your gang, your girlfriend, and your very way of life.
2017, by Double Fine. A remake of Full Throttle with high-definition graphics.

Grim Fandango (Cafe Calavera)
1998, by LucasArts. Uncover a mystery of crime and corruption in the Land of the Dead.
2015, by Double Fine. Grim Fandango remastered with live recorded instrumental music, and improved textures and lighting.

Indiana Jones (The Tomb of Nur-Ab-Sal)
1982, by Atari Games. An action-adventure for the Atari 2600. Use inventory items to pass obstacles and find the Ark of the Covenant.
1985, by Mindscape. Retrieve an artifact containing secrets of a lost civilization, before Indy's rival, Ivar Reiss.
1989, by Lucasfilm Games. Rescue Indy's father from the Nazis and recover the holy grail.
1992, by LucasArts. Indy and Sophia Hapgood uncover the power of the lost city of Atlantis before the Nazis.
1996, by LucasArts. In this early casual adventure game, each adventure is different as each game is randomly generated.
1999, by LucasArts. An action adventure where Indy and Sophia Hapgood stop the Soviet Union from finding a supernatural weapon.
2003, by The Collective. An action adventure, with more emphasis on action than Infernal Machine, is a prequel to Temple of Doom.
2009, by A2M and Amuse. An action adventure with an emphasis on action. Indy must find the staff of Moses before the Nazis.
2011, by Zynga (No Longer Available). A casual social game. Join the adventure society, explore ruins, and correspond with Indiana Jones.

Labyrinth (Escape from the Labyrinth)
1986, by Lucasfilm Games. You are sucked into a theater screen of the movie Labyrinth and must escape the labyrinth yourself.

Loom (The Weaver's Guild)
1990, Lucasfilm Games. Hone your magical powers as you uncover a plot to control the threads of existence.

Maniac Mansion (The Edisons)
1987, by Lucasfilm Games. Break into a spooky mansion to save your cheerleader girlfriend.
1993, by LucasArts. Travel through time and stop an evil tentacle from taking over the world.
2016, by Double Fine. A remake of Day of the Tentacle with high-definition graphics.

Monkey Island (The Jolly Rasta)
1990, by Lucasfilm Games. Become a pirate, defeat an evil ghost captain, and rescue the governor.
2009, by LucasArts. A remake of the original Monkey Island with new high-definition art, music, and voice-overs.
1991, by LucasArts. Search for a treasure with powers that can get rid of the dreaded pirate LeChuck for good.
2010, by LucasArts. A remake of the second Monkey Island with high-definition art, music, and voice-overs.
1997, by LucasArts. Break a curse that has fallen upon your girlfriend, and defeat a demon pirate.
2000, by LucasArts. The fourth Monkey Island game has Guybrush fighting an Australian who is buying all the land in the Caribbean.
2009, by Telltale Games. Guybrush tries to defeat LeChuck and ends up cursing the entire Caribbean.
2022, by Terrible Toybox. Guybrush attempts to finally find the secret of Monkey Island once and for all.

Sam & Max (Bumpusville)
1993, by LucasArts. The duo travel across the USA in search of a missing Bigfoot.
2007, by Telltale Games. After a long hiatus, Sam & Max: Freelance Police are back, this time in an episodic series.
2008, by Telltale Games. The second season of the misadventures of everyone's favorite freelance police, Sam & Max.
2010, by Telltale Games. The episodic adventures of Sam & Max: Freelance Police continue with more crazy cases.
2010, by Telltale Games. A casual poker game starring Max, Strong Bad, Tycho from Penny Arcade, and The Heavy from TF2.
2013, by Telltale Games. A casual poker game starring Sam, Evil Dead's Ash, Venture Bros' Brock, Borderlands' Claptrap, and GLaDOS.
2021, by Happy Giant. A new recruit for the Freelance Police helps Sam & Max in virtual reality.

Star Wars (Mos Eisley Cantina)
1991, by Beam Software. An action platform game that follows Luke Skywalker through the events of the 1977 film.
1997, by LucasArts. A casual adventure game where each adventure is different as each game is randomly generated.

Zak McKracken (The Skolarian Device)
1988, by Lucasfilm Games. A tabloid reporter, an archeologist, and two college students save the world.