Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space

Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space (also known as Sam & Max: Season Two) was launched with many improvements upon the first season, as gathered by Telltale from fan feedback. Sam now could run across the screen by double clicking the left mouse button. The locations are more varied than the first season, and Sam & Max visit more exotic locales this time around. There is a different driving mini game in each of the episodes in this season, and decals collected in one episode are carried into the next.

As with Season One, Season Two was co-financed by GameTap. This time the delay in release dates was much less than before. The games were available on the GameTap service just one day before the release on Telltale's website, unlike the two week delay with Season One.

The retail versions of Sam & Max Save the World are now out of print.  The digital versions can still be purchased.  The digital version for PC and Mac is available from the Telltale store and Steam, and the digital version for PC is available from

Explore Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space, courtesy of Bumpusville:
Santa has been possessed! Gunfire has been reported at the North Pole, so of course Sam & Max are on the case.
Released: GameTap 11/08/07, PC 11/09/07, XBLA 10/14/09, Wii 3/9/10, PSN 10/17/11, iOS 2/4/12
A mysterious triangle terrorizes the residents of Sam & Max's street. They track the triangle back to Easter Island.
Released: GameTap 1/10/08, PC 1/11/08, XBLA 10/14/09, Wii 3/9/10, PSN 10/17/11, iOS 2/17/12
The living dead have started walking the streets. Sam & Max travel to Germany to get to the bottom of things.
Released: GameTap 2/12/08, PC 2/13/08, XBLA 10/14/09, Wii 3/9/10, PSN 10/17/11, iOS 3/8/12
Bosco is missing! Sam & Max team up with detective Flint Paper to find what happened to him.
Released: GameTap 3/13/08, PC 3/14/08, XBLA 10/14/09, Wii 3/9/10, PSN 10/17/11, iOS 4/12/12
A mysterious portal brings Sam & Max to hell, and to the real reason behind the season's mysterious events.
Released: GameTap 4/10/08, PC 4/11/08, XBLA 10/14/09, Wii 3/9/10, PSN 10/17/11, iOS 4/19/12