LucasArts was originally started in 1982 as the Lucasfilm Games Group, part of the Lucasfilm Computer Division (a division that was started in 1979 when George Lucas wanted to branch out into computers). The Lucasfilm Games Group became known Lucasfilm Games when it began releasing games in 1984.  The Lucasfilm Graphics Group was sold to Steve Jobs in 1986, and became known as Pixar. What remained of the Lucasfilm Computer Division was retained as part of Industrial Light and Magic.

In 1990, Lucasfilm consolidated  Lucasfilm Games, along with Industrial Light and Magic and Skywalker Sound, into LucasArts.  The next year, Lucasfilm Games became the only division to be known as LucasArts, and the other LucasArts divisions were consolidated into Lucas Digital.

In 2006, Disney purchased Pixar. In 2012, Disney purchased Lucasfilm and its subsidiaries, including LucasArts and Industrial Light and Magic. This brought the three parts of the original Lucasfilm Computer Division together under the same parent company once again.  In April 2013, Disney halted all development at LucasArts.  Today LucasArts is just a licensor and digital publisher.

The companies that were created by former LucasArts designers, such as Telltale Games and Double Fine, licensed the LucasArts adventure game properties to make remakes and new games featuring the characters from these games.  Here is the full list of adventure games that are both developed and licensed by LucasArts (or in the case of Sam & Max, licensed by Steve Purcell, the duo's creator).

Adventure Games by LucasArts
LucasArts' special edition of the second Monkey Island with high definition art, music, and voice overs.

LucasArts' re-imagined version of the original Monkey Island with new high definition art, music, and voice overs.

The fourth Monkey Island game has Guybrush fighting an Australian who is buying all the land in the Caribbean.

Action-Adventure. A follow-up to Fate of Atlantis. Indy and Sophia Hapgood stop the Soviet Union from finding a supernatural weapon.

Direct-Controlled Adventure. Uncover a mystery of crime and corruption in the Land of the Dead.


Point-and-Click Adventure. Break a curse that has fallen upon your girlfriend, and defeat a demon pirate.
The last LucasArts casual adventure game.  Each adventure is different as each game is randomly generated.

In this early casual adventure game, each adventure is different as each game is randomly generated.

Based on a concept by Steven Spielberg. Three astronauts investigate an asteroid and are taken to another planet.
Tim Schafer's first heavy metal game. Save your gang, your girlfriend, and your very way of life.

Alluded to in Bright Side of the Moon. Travel through time and stop an evil tentacle from taking over the world.
The original Sam & Max game by LucasArts. The duo travel across the USA in search of a missing Bigfoot.


Alluded to in Homestar Ruiner. Uncover the power of the lost city of Atlantis before the Nazis.

Alluded to in Host Master. Search for a treasure with powers that can get rid of the dreaded pirate LeChuck for good.


Alluded to in Moai Better Blues. Hone your magical powers as you uncover a plot to control the threads of existence.
Often alluded to in Telltale's games. Become a pirate, defeat an evil ghost captain, and rescue the governor.

The origin of the fine leather jackets in-joke. Rescue Indy's father from the Nazis and recover the holy grail.

Alluded to in Abe Lincoln Must Die. A tabloid reporter, an archeologist, and two college students save the world.

Three teenagers break into a spooky mansion to save Dave's cheerleader girlfriend.

You are sucked into a movie theater screen of the movie Labyrinth. Now you must escape the labyrinth yourself.