Monday, June 16, 2008


Reversion is an episodic adventure game in which a man wakes up in a hospital bed in a future Buenos Aires that has been ravaged by civil war.  He doesn't remember the war occurring and soon discovers that over a dozen years have passed since the last time that he remembers.  He soon decides to escape the hospital and find out what happened to him and what is going on.

A captive in a hospital in a ravaged Buenos Aires learns that years have passed since his last memory.
Released: Windows 5/5/12. iOS 6/14/12
Still having no memories, the amnesiac man and Victoria search for the man in the photo hoping he'll have the answers you seek.
Released: Windows 3/5/13
The amnesiac man discovers who he is and learns that there is a way to prevent the events that led him here from ever happening.
Released: Windows: 2/28/20