Monday, June 16, 2008

Tales of Monkey Island

Tales of Monkey Island is the fifth game in the Monkey Island series, which takes place several years after the end of Escape from Monkey Island.

Telltale has licensed Monkey Island from LucasArts to take the helm of the series for this game, with LucasArts providing assistance with the visual style. Like the other Telltale games, this game is broken up into several episodes over a season like a television sitcom. Unlike the other Telltale games, the episodes are not self-contained and each episode pick ups directly where the last one left off. The episodes are broken up into acts, just like the acts from the other Monkey Island games.

Dave Grossman, one of the three people, along with Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, who originally created Monkey Island, leads the new game at Telltale. Ron Gilbert, who originally conceived the Monkey Island idea, brainstormed with Telltale for several days about the general storyline and direction the characters should take in Tales of Monkey Island.

The game was released on both PC and Wiiware, so some concessions had to be made for both platforms in order for the game to fit within the Wiiware size limits. The game reuses character models for non-main characters, although the main characters all have their own specific character models. Telltale listened to the longtime complaint of fans with this game and released audio fixes that fixed the sound problems some users were having with Telltale's sound compression.

The retail versions are now out of print, but the game is still available for purchase digitally.

Explore Tales of Monkey Island, courtesy of The Jolly Rasta:
Guybrush tries to defeat LeChuck, and ends up infecting the entire Caribbean with LeChuck's expelled Voodoo.
Release: PC 7/7/09, Wiiware 7/27/09, Mac 2/11/10, PSN 6/15/10
iPad 12/14/10, iPhone 11/8/11
Review, Injokes
Guybrush sails to Spinner Cay for three artifacts which will lead him to the cure for the Pox of LeChuck.
Release: PC 8/20/09, Wiiware 8/31/09, Mac 2/11/10, PSN 6/15/10
iPad 6/23/11, iPhone 12/15/11
Guybrush finds himself in the belly of a manatee, and must work with a pirate hunter in order to get out.
Release:PC 9/29/09, Wiiware 10/26/09,Mac 2/11/10,PSN 6/15/10
iPad 6/23/11, iPhone 12/22/11
Guybrush is captured by the pirate hunter and put on trial for his pirating crimes.
Release:PC 10/30/09,Wiiware 11/30/09,Mac 2/11/10,PSN 6/15/10
iPad 6/23/11, iPhone 2/9/12
The twisty season of Tales of Monkey Island concludes in this episode.
Release: PC 12/8/09, Wiiware 2/1/10, Mac 2/11/10, PSN 6/15/10
iPad 6/23/11, iPhone 2/24/12