Monday, June 16, 2008

The Dream Machine

Play the game online (first chapter free, the other chapters are pay-to-play per episode or in a bundle) here. The game is also available for Windows and Mac through Steam, here.

The Dream Machine is a claymation animated adventure game where a newly wed couple in a new apartment discovers a strange machine known as the dream machine. The first chapter is free to play online (and is bundled with the second episode on Steam for the price of a single chapter), and the other chapters are available as pay-to-play per episode or in a bundle.

A couple in a new apartment discover the secret behind a burned letter left by the previous tenant.
Released: Flash 12/14/10 (Out of Beta), PC/Mac 05/11/12
More secrets are discovered as you venture beyond the door into your mysterious landlord's office.
Released: Flash 12/14/10, PC/Mac 05/11/12
Begin the exploration of dreams with the dream machine.
Released: Flash 10/31/11, PC/Mac 05/11/12
Find out what your neighbors dream about.
Released: Flash 8/1/13, PC/Mac 8/6/13
Go into the dreams of the residents on the top floor of your building.
Released: Flash/PC/Mac 11/14/14
Find out the identity of the mystery tenant.
Release Flash/PC/Mac 5/11/17