Monday, June 16, 2008

Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator

Ben Jordan: Paranormal Investigator is a series of 8 episodic games, referred to as cases. In each game, a recent college graduate becomes a paranormal investigator and investigates cases of paranormal activity around the world.

All eight cases are available for free, but the author accepts Paypal donations through the game's website.

A recent college graduate turned paranormal investigator investigates murders linked to a skunk-ape.
Released: 05/27/04 (Original), 08/08/06 (Deluxe)
Ben investigates the disapperance of a man who was searching for the treasure ship, The Lost Galleon, in the Salton Sea.
Released: 06/26/04 (Original), 03/25/10 (Deluxe)
Ben investigates the murder of two children in a tiny village in Scotland that was said to be the work of witches.
Released: 10/03/04
Ben travels to London to investigate the stories of ghosts and paranormal activity at the mysterious Number 50.
Released: 03/04/05
Ben trevels to Osaka, Japan to investigate a series of murders that are said to be caused by zombies.
Released: 02/02/06
While on vacation in Greece, Ben learns of creatures called Sea People who drag villagers under the ocean to eat them.
Released: 08/29/07
A man who is accused of murdering a priest claims he was possessed by demons and begs Ben to clear his name.
Released: 08/13/08
In the final chapter, Ben learns the secrets that let him confront the mad man who's threatening his future.
Released: 08/08/12