Saturday, June 3, 2017

In Memory of Kelley Stage

I apologize for not updating this blog at all yet this year.  A girl I went to high school with, Kelley Stage, was murdered by her husband in 2015, and the trial of her husband hit me harder than I thought it would.  I didn't leave her a proper dedication on this page, but I'd like to do so now.

I suffered a lot of physical and emotional abuse in high school, as all of my friends were two years younger than me. So I suffered being beaten, burned, and enduring sexual abuse my junior high and early high school years with very little support from anyone.

Kelley was among the very few that was kind to me, and let me eat lunch at her table and made me feel welcome.  She and a handful of others are among the reason why I'm here today, as I wouldn't have been able to go on without kindness like she showed me. Sadly, I hadn't seen her since high school, and I never got a chance to thank her for her kindness because her monster of her husband took her away from the world and, worst of all, away from her kids.

So I leave this memorium to Kelley Stage, 1980-2015
She is gone, but she'll never be forgotten.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Twentieth Birthday To This Blog!

On October 27, 1996, the first iteration of my adventure blog, a subpage of MIC World, went live:

On November 7th, 1997, the adventure game page became The Mega Monkey Page, a fan site for the Monkey Island series.  On September 18, 1998, with the addition of a Grim Fandango page, the site was expanded into a general LucasArts adventure game fan site simply named Mega Monkey.  On April 25, 2000, the site briefly became known as Real Adventure, a general adventure website focusing on all adventure games.  That name lasted less than a month, as, at the time I felt it was too hard to maintain a general adventure website on my own.

On June 16, 2008, this version of the site went live on Blogger, with the title Telltale Fan.   On November 30, 2008, the site briefly became known as Autumn Double Tale when it began to cover Autumn Moon and Double Fine games in addition to Telltale games, in addition to the LucasArts titles that were made by the founders of those companies.  In 2009, this site was once again expanded to cover adventure games in general, and was given its current name of The Adventuress.

It's been a very fun 20 years, watching the evolution of the classic adventure into many different forms.  It should be really interesting to see what the next 20 years brings. :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

ScummVM 1.9.0 "Myst-ery U.F.O.s Release" Is Here

ScummVM, the project that aims to re-create engines for adventure games, using the original scripts and data files, so that the games run on modern (and some not-so-modern) systems, has received a new release.

This release brings support for six new games: Myst, Myst: Masterpiece Edition, U.F.O.s (also known as Gnap), and Sierra's Hi-Res adventure games #0: Mission Asteroid, #1: Mystery House, and #2: The Wizard and the Princess.

There's also been a lot of bugfixes for Sierra's SCI games, the addition of Hercules rendering and font for the AGI games, an enhanced Sherlock games experience, and the addition of AmiUpdate on the Amiga port.

Duke Grabowski Episode 1 Is Out Now

The first episode of Duke Grabowski, the crowd funded adventure game by Venture Moon (the new venture by a trio of developers that made Autumn Moon's adventures, including Bill Tiller himself), is finally here on Steam.

The game follows a brutish pirate named Duke, who longs to be a captain.  It's set in the same world that was introduced in Ghost Pirates of Vooju Island.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Day of the Devs 2016

It appears that the Day of the Devs lounge that was at the GDC in March isn't the only Day of the Devs event that's being held this year.  Double Fine's fourth annual Day of the Devs event is going to be available to the general public soon.

It is a day that is full of gaming fun, from Double Fine and other developers.  Plus this year, they are accepting game submissions from the public.  The game selection will be locked down in the next few weeks, so if you want to take part, head over to the website now and fill out the form linked at the bottom of the page.

The event takes place this November 5th at The Midway in San Francisco, and, as always, admission is free.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

King's Quest: Snow Place Like Home Is Out In Two Days

The penultimate chapter of the five episode King's Quest by The Odd Gentlemen, Snow Place Like Home, is arriving on the 27th of September.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

OpenQuest Converted to Wintermute

I've been learning the Wintermute engine, which I used to create my last few adventure games. I decided to learn more about the engine by converting the open source game, OpenQuest, to the Wintermute.  Every part of the game is in place, including the triangle puzzle, which was in the original AGS version but wasn't included in the SCUMM conversion.

OpenQuest for Wintermute is available here, and sourcecode is available here.