The Owl House
The Owl House is an animated adventure television series that was first released in 2020 and will end in 2023.

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Season One
Episode 1: "A Lying Witch and a Warden"
Episode 2: "Witches Before Wizards"
Episode 3: "I Was a Teenage Abomination"
Episode 4: "The Intruder"
Episode 5: "Covention"
Episode 6: "Hooty's Moving Hassle"
Episode 7: "Lost in Language"
Episode 8: "Once Upon a Swap"
Episode 9:  "Something Ventured, Someone Framed"
Episode 10: "Escape of the Palisman"
Episode 11: "Sense and Insensitivity"
Episode 12: "Adventures in the Elements"
Episode 13: "The First Day"
Episode 14: "Really Small Problems"
Episode 15: "Understanding Willow"
Episode 16: "Enchanting Grom Fright"
Episode 17: "Wing It Like Witches"
Episode 18: "Agony of a Witch"
Episode 19: "Young Blood, Old Souls"

Season Two
Episode 1: "Separate Tides"
Episode 2: "Escaping Expulsion"
Episode 3: "Echoes of the Past"
Episode 4: "Keeping up A-fear-ances"
Episode 5: "Through the Looking Glass Ruins"
Episode 6: "Hunting Palismen"
Episode 7: "Eda's Requiem"
Episode 8: "Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Hooty's Door"
Episode 9:  "Eclipse Lake"
Episode 10: "Yesterday's Lie"
Episode 11: "Follies at the Coven Day Parade"
Episode 12: "Elsewhere and Elsewhen"
Episode 13: "Any Sport in a Storm"
Episode 14: "Reaching Out"
Episode 15: "Them's the Breaks, Kid"
Episode 16: "Hollow Mind"
Episode 17: "Edge of the World"
Episode 18: "Labyrinth Runners"
Episode 19: "O Titan, Where Art Thou"
Episode 20: "Clouds on the Horizon"
Episode 21: "King's Tide"

Season Three
Episode 1: "Thanks to Them" - Review
Episode 2: "For the Future" - Review
Episode 3: "Watching and Dreaming"