Monday, June 16, 2008

Games for PlayStation 2

The Sony PlayStation 2 was released in 2000.  It was preceded by the PlayStation and succeeded by the PlayStation 3.

You assume the role of a rookie CSI as you solve five cases using equipment available at the Las Vegas crime lab.
Sora lost his memories and has to explore his memories to get them back.

Kiryu and a detective named Sayama uncover a conspiracy related to the massacre of the Jingweon mafia.

Kiryu is released from prison for a murder he didn't commit. He finds a conspiracy involving his crush's daughter and one billion yen.

A boy named Roxas enjoys time with his friends, then Sora explores the same area with Goofy and Donald Duck.
Kate Walker abandons her life in New York to accompany an inventor to a land where mammoths still live.

Travel to the Congo to meet a scientist who has claimed to have found a source of unlimited energy.

Sora receives a keyblade, a combination of a sword and a key. He defeats darkness with Donald Duck and Goofy.
The stranger searches for a book of Ages which was stolen by a man who seeks vengeance upon the man who wrote it. 
American lawyer Kate Walker is sent to France to finalize a takeover of a factory, but things take a different turn.

The fourth Monkey Island game has Guybrush fighting an Australian who is buying all the land in the Carribean.