Free Games

Previously Commercial Games
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. Escape the city, uncover a conspiracy, and learn about your past.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. A dragon tries to fix the mischief he caused with a magic wand called Eveline.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. John Hacker has to rescue a blonde woman who has been kidnapped by Count DrĂ¡scula.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. A pilot crashes in the Amazon jungle, revealing a sinister plot.
Free Point-and-Click Adventure. Escape prison, rid the kingdom of invaders, and defeat the cruel temptress.
City-Building Game. Micropolis is the free open-source version of the original SimCity.
Action-Adventure Game. It was updated and made free. Hypnotized Mr. Smoozles is helping aliens erase the universe.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. Two kids are told by a professor that an alien spaceship crashed somewhere, so they set off to find it.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. A man runs away at the altar at his arranged wedding. The bride's father goes off to find him.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. A teenager is hired as a spy to discover how a millionaire is acquiring his riches.

Shareware Games
Shareware Text Adventure. The first commercial adventure game. Find 13 treasures in an enchanted world.
Episodic Shareware Platform Game. 8-year old Billy Blaze becomes Commander Keen to save Earth from the Vorticons.
Shareware Text Adventure. Collect items around Count Dracula's castle so that you can ultimately put an end to the evil vampire.
Shareware Text Adventure. Retrieve thirteen treasures from an abandoned goldmine-era town by searching Boot Hill and the mine.
Shareware Text Adventure. To save the dying king, retrieve a magic elixir from a faraway land before it's too late.
Shareware Direct-Controlled Adventure. Hugo saves his girlfriend Penelope who is a prisoner in the house of horrors.
Shareware Text Adventure. Find your way through the mysterious fun house before the park closes and you are thrown out.
Shareware Text Adventure. Travel from your London flat to a tropical island in search of pirates' gold.
Shareware Text Adventure. Find all of the treasures in a recently discovered Egyptian pyramid and escape alive.
Shareware Text Adventure. Return to Pirate's Island in search of treasure.
Shareware Text Adventure. Explore a remote island. Part one needs to be completed to play part two. 
Shareware Text Adventure. Continue exploring the island. Part two is played with a code earned from completing part one.
Shareware Text Adventure. A secret agent must race against time to complete a mission before a nuclear power plant explodes.
Shareware Text Adventure. Teleport to distant worlds to collect items, so you can fix your spaceship and return home.
Shareware Text Adventure. Enter a castle and remove the curse that has been placed on Count Cristo by his enemies.

Free-to-Play (Freemium) Games
Turn-Based Card RPG. Only available in the Japanese language. Ichiban Kasuga and his companions fight in Kamurocho.
Battle Royale Fighting Game. Characters from Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, and HBO fight against each other.
Endless Running Game. Forrest Gump runs across the United States while avoiding obstacles in his way.

Free Original Games
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. Ben becomes a paranormal investigator and is called to investigate cases around the world.
Platform Game. A person with no memory has to travel through a cave to rescue people.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. Help Dangeresque manufacture evidence to "solve" a crime so the chief will let him go home.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. Search for the legendary magical Peas of Kejick, in order to receive a reward from the King!
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. Homestar Runner roams around Free Country USA to find his hidden friends and acquaintances.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. It's Tim Schafer in a Double Fine game with injokes! How could I possibly not add this here?
Direct-Controlled Adventure. Tim Schafer is the player character in the sequel to 2009's Flash hit, Host Master.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. Ir's a training tool made by Michael Sheial in AGS. Also for SCUMM and Wintermute.
Direct-Controlled Graphic Text Adventure. Confront Trogdor the dragon for destroying your thatched roof cottage.
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. An adaptation of the Steamed Hams meme where Skinner has the superintendent over for dinner.
Endless Brawling Game. A mashup of Like a Dragon and Streets of Rage. Kiryu, Majima, and Ichiban Kasuga fight in Kamurocho.
Platform Puzzle Game. Rescue Tasha's Double Fine Co-Workers with the help of her magic cat.
Free 1986 Soviet DOS Version of the Puzzle Game. Rotate tetromino to bind them together. Set the pieces up in lines to clear them.
Text Adventure Game. A private in the Inquisition Guard explores an unknown area of the Great Underground Empire.

Fan games With Original Stories
Point-and-Click Adventure Game. It takes place between the 2nd and 3rd Broken Sword and was approved by Revolution Software.

Fan Remakes
AGD Interactive's King's Quest I remake has an improved interface, voices, improved graphics, and music.
AGD Interactive's King's Quest II remake has mouse control, voices, improved graphics and music, and new puzzles, and additional dialog.
AGD Interactive's King's Quest III remake has mouse control, voices, improved graphics and music, and new puzzles, and additional dialog.
The Infamous Adventures King's Quest III remake has mouse control, voices, improved graphics, music, and sound effects.
The Lucasfan Games remake of Maniac Mansion has music, improved graphics, and a slimmed interface with inventory icons.
AGD Interactive's Quest for Glory II remake has an improved interface, graphics, and music.
The Infamous Adventures remake of Space Quest II has mouse control, voices, improved graphics, music, and sound effects.