Adventure Games With Crowdfunding Campaigns

Tim Schafer's Broken Age wasn't the first crowdfunded adventure game, but that title was the catalyst that started an adventure movement on crowdfunding sites. I decided I'd catalog all of the crowdfunded adventure titles here. If I missed any, please let me know.

Released in 2022
A space-themed comedy adventure game by the Two Guys From Andromeda, the Space Quest creators.

Released in 2020
Unsuccessfully included as a tier in the Broken Sword 5 Kickstarter, but released. A sequel to the 90s cult hit Beneath a Steel Sky.

Released in 2019
An adventure RPG hybrid where a young mage initiate strives to prove himself worthy to the mage masters so he can join their ranks.
Ryo and Shenhua seek to discover the secret of the mirrors, track down the Chi You Men, and finally face the killer of Ryo's father.

Released in 2018
A beginner thief joins Hero-U and must choose to continue his quest to join the Thieves Guild or become a rogue hero.

Released in 2017
An adventure game from Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, the creators of Maniac Mansion, in the style of that game.

Released in 2016
After the captain of the Brazen Blade drowns in an Azurrbean ocean, a brutish pirate named Duke longs to take his place.
Solve a mystery in the supernatural underworld in Okam's adaptation of the Dog Mendoça & Pizzaboy comic book series.
Captain Frank English and Aled travel through space in search of new planets to claim a galactic British Empire.

Released in 2015
An adventure game made with clay, from the creators of The Neverhood.
An epidemic known as "The Vague" sweeps the Cosmos. Alum steps outside the system he has always known and seeks answers.
A magical plague is taking over the human world, so the foursome find themselves working together again to stop it.
Crowdfunding helped get this 1995 adventure targeted towards young girls released online for free for a minimum of one year.
Tim Schafer's return to adventure games follows a boy and a girl who are living parallel lives.
Zoë Castillo's journey continues in a game developed by Ragnar Tørnquist's Red Thread Games.
I had to cancel my Kickstarter due to an unexpected death in the family, but I later made this game for a game jam.
Crowdfunding helped get this 1996 adventure targeted toward young girls released online for free for a minimum of one year.
Crowdfunding helped get this 1997 adventure targeted towards young girls released online for free for a minimum of one year.

Released in 2014
George and Nico investigate a theft of a mysterious painting from a Paris gallery and uncover a conspiracy.
An agent working for an organization known as Cygnus infiltrates the secret organization Trident to take down its leader, Neptune. 
Pinkerton Road Kickstarter's Mystery Game X. A re-imagined Gabriel Knight 1 with high-definition art, music, and new voiceovers.
While lost while delivering, a truck driver and his dog arrive at a gas station where they're given directions to the mysterious route zero.
An investigation of a series of events by an antique dealer yields details which hold a bizarre significance.
A remake of the original Shadowgate, with high-definition art, music, and additional stories and puzzles.
An adventure and RPG hybrid where a man is trying to start his life over after running away from a shady past.
Tex Murphy wakes up to find his memories of the last seven years have been erased, and he must find out who did it and why.

Released in 2013
An FBI agent with the ability to see into the past finds clues that hint that some one is targeting her for her abilities.
A gender ambiguous detective has fallen upon hard times, and ends up taking a high profile case to find a missing singer.
A re-imagined Larry 1 with high definition art, music, and voice acting, and additional puzzles.
A girl named Lilly seeks to rewrite the past, change the present, and unlock the ultimate mystery.

Released in 2012
Unsuccessful on Kickstarter, but released.  Sherlock Holmes solves three cases in this live-action full-motion video adventure.

Released in 2010
Explore the decisions a woman made to get to where she is, and what would have happened if she'd done things differently.

Games Funded but Unlikely to be Released
A text-based adventure where you create your own personality and the choices you make have real consequences on the game world.
A three-part episodic noir adventure game where a detective has to investigate his own murder.

Games Not Released Because of Unsuccessful Campaigns
Head to Stauff's mansion once again to brave more deadly traps and solve more puzzles.
A police Lieutenant finds herself being hunted and doesn't know who she can trust.
A Vampyre Story goes episodic in Autumn Moon's five part prequel.