Saturday, October 31, 2015

Point and Click Adventure Review: Reversion Chapter 1: The Escape

Reversion: The Escape is the first of three planned chapters of 3f Interactive's point and click adventure set in a post apocalyptic future.  It's short, but it's free, and it's a good example of the kind of game play and story to expect in the chapters to come.

The game follows a man who wakes up in a hospital in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Several years have passed, and the city has since crumbled after a major conflict.  The man is amnesiac, and doesn't remember anything about the himself, the war, or how he came to be there.  He discovers that he's locked in the hospital, which is under constant guard.  With the help of another patient, he has to make his way out of the hospital so he can begin his journey to piece together what exactly is going on.  His escape from the hospital is a rather short tale, but it's well told for the most part.  There are a few strange choices in wording that came from the translation from Spanish to English, but they aren't too bad.

The music is good, and the voice acting is decent.  It's a bit on the uneven side, but for a low budget independent title, it's not too bad.  It's about on par with the early releases from Wadjet Eye Games. The art style is quite nice as well.  The backgrounds have a lot of detail, and the character art style works well with the background art.  The character animations are a bit stiff, however. Thankfully, the puzzles in are really quite good.  They are challenging, without being overly so, and the solutions are all logical.  This chapter is one third of the planned product, so the puzzle difficulty is about what you'd expect at this stage of the game.

Reversion: The Escape is a decent adventure game.  The music is nice, and the voice acting is pretty good for a low budget indie adventure.  The art style is pleasing, except for some stiff character animations.  Thankfully, the story and puzzles make up for most of the shortcomings.  There are a few strange word choices that came about from the translation of the game from Spanish to English, but the excellence of the story still manages to shine through.  By the closing credits, you find yourself wanting to know just how the story will continue, and for a free sneak peak of an episodic game series, it managed to fill it's role quite well in the end.

Final Verdict:
3 out of 5

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