Sunday, April 29, 2012

Three New Straandlooper Projects Revealed

Straandlooper, the developers of Hector: Badge of Carnage, have announced three new game projects, which are in the concept and development phase and will be released in the upcoming years thanks to a Slate Development Loan from Northern Ireland Screen that matches their own funding.

The first of the three games is Thunder in Donford. It is described by designer Dean Burke as "in some ways the spiritual successor to Hector, and in other ways entirely unique, throwing in alternative gameplay to shake things up." The game promises to be "packed with preposterous point-&-click style irreverence. A boisterous, non-stop cross-country ricochet across Britain, slapped together with the meticulous delusions of a paranoid conspiracy theorist lorry driver, Trev Duvay. Part time trucker, full time loner on an unforgettable crazy road trip that will probably scar your fragile mind for life."

The second game is Schrödinger’s Cat. Named after the famous paradoxical thought experiment, it stars a "dark, dimension-jumping feline superhero who’s both dead and alive, unwittingly charged with disentangling the secrets of time, space, the atomic, the astronomical and the infinite. Up against anything from an unruly band of disagreeable leptons to the sinister creeping tendrils of Dark Matter, Schrödinger’s Cat is sure to blow the lid off all the things you never knew about life, the universe and everything." Breaking from the more traditional genre conventions, this game will include some action-adventure elements in a mix of "part puzzler, part platformer, part punch-up".

The last game, The Sirrush Conundrum, will be an "epic puzzler" that takes players into the "hidden worlds of espionage and the dark underside of global business’ relations with governments. Accompany outspoken politico and ‘toff’ dissident James Newton Wellbeloved aka Newt as he runs from a kill order and at the same time has to unravel and foil a labyrinthine and outrageous international plot that leads him into the far reaches of alternative archaeology and – for a lifelong skeptic – a mind blowing immersion in so-called ‘psychic’ techniques."

The games will likely take a while to develop, since the Straandlooper team is small, and as such the games will likely not be developed simultaneously. But, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the games should be released on the PC, Mac, and iOS platforms within the next few years.

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