The Adventuress is Jennifer McMurray, who has been adventure gaming since she was a little girl in the late 1980's to early 1990's. You can contact her at jenni (at) the-adventuress (dot) com.

This site primarily covers traditional graphic adventures (games which contain little to no action, with the gameplay consisting of solving puzzles using inventory objects and talking to characters). However, adventure games have evolved over the years causing many different sub-genres and hybrids. Some of these games (such as The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series, and the Shenmue series) are covered by The Adventuress as well.


The first incarnation of this website was created in 1996 as a general page covering everything that I enjoyed called MIC World (MIC stands for McMurray Internet Channel).  In 1997, I added a page to that website that was a Monkey Island fan page called the Mega Monkey Page. The Mega Monkey Page page expanded into a general LucasArts fan website simply titled Mega Monkey in 1998. It briefly became Real Adventure, focusing on all adventure games in 2000, but went back to Mega Monkey shortly afterward as, at the time, I had felt that it was too hard to maintain a general adventure website on my own. Mega Monkey went dormant in 2003, mostly because I became a caretaker for my grandparents, which took up most of my time.

It returned as a fansite for Telltale Games titled Telltale Fan in 2008 then was known as Autumn Double Tale later that year, as the focus was expanded to include Double Fine and Autumn Moon games as well as the LucasArts games that were originally covered by Mega Monkey. In 2009, the site became known as its present title, The Adventuress. It originally operated separate to Mega Monkey, but in 2014, I decided to bring Mega Monkey and The Adventuress together, as The Adventuress is really just an evolution of the idea I had in the mid-90s to create a website dedicated to my favorite adventure games.  In 2015, I began to incorporate the pages from my first website into The Adventuress as well, bringing everything full circle.


I run this website for fun, but I do try to stay objective in my reviews. Therefore, I feel it's only fair to disclose when I have connections to the games that I review. I have been a volunteer community moderator for Telltale Games since November 2012, and for Double Fine since September 2014. I don't get paid for this, and I have no input on the production of the games or the inner workings of these companies, so I feel I can still stay objective in my reviews for their games. I also sometimes offer to help beta test games, but as with my moderating, I feel I can stay objective since I have no input on the creation of the game, just helping to make sure that the games are stable. I will always review based on the final version, unless in the rare occasion I'm given a press review code, and I'll always mention when I beta tested a game or played with an early press review version when that applies to the game I'm reviewing.